Backed by approval from the Department of Science, Alberto supports his candidacy from Antarctica

The desire to vie for the presidency again drove Alberto Fernandez to Antarctica, where he broadcast a national channel announcing the soon opening of laboratories at the Esperanza base. From there he spoke of “new beginnings” and again stressed the importance of federalism. In the midst of tension with other sectors of Peronism over the nominations, the president has once again shown himself in an activity linked to science and state-promoted research, one of the areas of government that has maintained a good administrative profile since the pandemic. .

The chief has never been fond of using patriotic chains. After the pandemic, when official communications were meant to communicate health measures, the resource was rarely used again. The last time he addressed the country through the national network was on December 5 after broadcasting the conversations of Buenos Aires officials, Clarin managers and exSIDE agents who had traveled to Lago Escondido.

This Wednesday there was no specific announcement. It was reported that the laboratories at the Esperanza base would soon be opened and that “work is underway to renovate the Petrel base, which burned down in 1979, which will be a sustainable station supported by alternative energies, suitable for landings and supply port.”

The President visited the Marambio base accompanied by the Ministers of Defense, Jorge Taiana, Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, Santiago Cafiero, from Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmos, Education, Jaime Perzek, from Public Works, Gabriel Katubudis and Environment and Sustainable Development, Juan Cabandié; Social Development Ministers Victoria Tolosa Paz, Health Minister Carla Vizutti, Presidential Spokesperson Gabriela Ceruti, Legal and Technical Secretary Vilma Ibarra, Deputy Chief of Staff Juan Manuel Olmos, Malvinas Secretary, Antarctica and Atlantico Sur Guillermo Carmona, and Telam Chairman Bernarda Llorente . Also present were Governor of Tierra del Fuego Gustavo Melilla, Representatives Marcelo Casaretto, Aldo Leyva and Eduardo Tonioli, and Representatives Mara Prawer and Agustina Probato.

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As Tempo learned, the president’s intention is to show himself close to government activities that have a better image among the population. In Rosada, they pay close attention to the survey conducted by the University of San Andrés, which tracks the rate of satisfaction with the government and its policies. This represents high levels of disapproval of the administration, but that of science and health, the best policies of the Fernandez government in December 2022.

The University of San Andrés Political and Public Opinion Survey conducted 1,007 interviews between December 23 and 30, 2022 online across the country. There inflation was found to be the main problem for both FdT (66%) and JxC (61%) voters. Within this framework, science (34%) and health (31%) policies are the policies with the highest levels of satisfaction, although dissatisfaction exceeds 55% in all cases.

Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, the impetus for his candidacy continued in the votes of leaders who support the president. The first was the Minister of Security, Anibal Fernandez, who said that “Christina Kirchner is not banned” and that “those who say that want to ban the president”. Something similar was maintained by the Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz, who said that “after 40 years of democracy, no one can plagiarize a veto on anyone who sits down with representation to go seek a presidential nomination”.

This Wednesday, Labor Minister Kelly Olmos confirmed in remarks to Futurock that “just as the judiciary bans Christina, we cannot allow sections of Peronism to ban Alberto.”

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For the time being, the president’s intentions to compete in STEP are still valid, after the political table on Thursday of last week that he himself held at the National Justice and Development Party headquarters and to which all sectors of the coalition went to celebrate him. .

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