Astronomers search for evidence of technology built by aliens

Likewise, the initiative seeks to investigate Objects visiting our solar system from interstellar space الفضاء and locating extraterrestrial satellites that may probe the Earth. The project includes researchers from Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, Caltech and Stockholm University.

“We can no longer ignore the possibility that technological civilizations have preceded us.”teacher said Avi Loeb At a press conference regarding the latest research that appears Existence of Earth-like planets across the galaxy.

“The effect of any discovery Strange technology in scienceIn our technology, in all our worldview It will be hugeHe said in a statement.

It is worth noting that the announcement was released a month after the release of The Pentagon has released a report on unknown weather phenomena indicating that their nature is unclear.

“What we see in our skies is not something politicians or military should explain, because they are not trained as scientists, It is for the scientific community to find outLoeb said he expects project funding to increase tenfold.

Loeb refers to this research as a new branch of astronomy that he calls “Space Archeology”, aims to complete the field The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), which primarily searches for radio signals beyond Earth.

These efforts will require cooperation with Existing and new astronomical observatories, including the Vera C. Rubin observatory currently under construction in Chile, which will be operational in 2023 and The scientific community is eagerly awaiting it.

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