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Message from President Alberto Fernandez on the occasion of the new independence anniversary

President Alberto Fernandez affirmed today in a message he sent to Tucuman on the occasion of the 207th anniversary of independence that “the time has come to move forward, not to change course, to move forward towards tomorrow, following the path of what is just and good for our town”.

In a message addressed to all Argentines, the president said: “It is not for our sake that I urge you to do this, but for the sake of the children of the country, who can already be seen growing up in a free and independent Argentina.” To Tucuman in a video clip, where the festivities took place from scratch in the Historic House and will continue on Sunday with different activities.

According to the text and video published in the first minutes of Sunday by the portal of the Government of Tucumán, the Head of State also highlighted the opening of the Nestor Kirchner gas pipeline, which will be enabled on this very day in the city of Salicillo in Buenos Aires.

“Every year July 9 calls home here to Tucuman. For me, in addition, this day has the particularity of being the last July 9 that I celebrate in this presidential state entrusted to me by the Argentines. Don’t I want to be absent? About these celebrations and for this I am present in this way “, Fernandez began his message.

He noted that “this July 9, another event of great importance, prevents me from participating in the festivities in that beautiful land that witnessed the birth of our independence” since “we will open in Salicillo, in the heart of Buenos Aires province, the Nestor Kirchner gas pipeline. Before And after our evolution.

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Describing the work as “unique in South America and representing the most important work in Argentina over the past 40 years,” he noted that “since the discovery of the Vaca Muerta deposits, the construction of this gas pipeline has been proposed on several occasions.” All because there is no way to finance the business. Other times, everything sank because they wanted to let special interests prevail over the true interests of our people.”

“As an irony of fate, it turns out that this gas pipeline, which represents a decisive step towards energy sovereignty and economic independence, ends up being inaugurated on the day our country remembers the moment it declared itself free of all colonialism,” he added.

The president affirmed that “progress in our independence means becoming the architects of our own destiny. And being able to possess the resources that allow us to grow and develop as a society” and highlighted the presence of the state in favor of general development.

He added, “Independence must be built and expanded every day by the fruitful work of every Argentine in defense of the interests of the country,” warning that “we cannot abandon allowing those who want to rule and negotiate for the dignity of our Argentine people.” Weak and subject to the concentrated forces of a global economy that seeks only to preserve the strong.

For this reason, he said: “It is time for us to unite, as our patriots have been able to be at different moments in history, always united, knowing that no one but us knows the value of a free and sovereign Argentina. This does not depend on anything or anyone.”

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“There is no country without independence. Every country should be free to make its own decisions and live its dreams. Today, when there is so much talk about freedom, I want us to remember true freedom, the freedom that is born of equality. The freedom of money representatives is, he warned Freedom for the few, which only increases the inequality we face. No independence or freedom is possible in a land of injustice.”

In another section he affirmed that “Today, as we celebrate our independence, it is time to move forward, not to change course, and to advance towards tomorrow, following the path of what is just and good for our people. It is not because of us that I urge you to do, it is for the children of the country, who They can already be seen growing up in a free and independent Argentina. Long live the country!”

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