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Mario Secco: “We are the first municipality to pay the additional bonus”

Written by Gaston Garriga

In the midst of controversy and negotiations between the provincial government and some Buenos Aires municipalities that had previously warned the governor, Axel Kiselovwho cannot afford the fixed amount recently announced by the Minister of the Nation’s Economy and Presidential Candidate of the Union for the Fatherland, Sergio Massathe mayor of Ensenada wanted to set a precedent. Mario Secco He met with the Minister of Labor in Buenos Aires, Walter CoreaHe immediately posted a photo and text on Twitter to announce that he would pay the P60,000 reward.

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Del Solar Dorigo, “Gaucho” Bullrich who plays with Miley

Written by Leandro Renaud

And the results of the primaries continue to give very tangible signals in the conservative ideological spectrum, previously identified exclusively with Together for Change. In the past few hours, leaders of the Pro-Ruralist Party have courted the ranks of Javier Miley, a historic agricultural lieutenant to Patricia Bullrich. The reference is to Santiago del Solar Dorego, former chief of staff to Luis Miguel Echeverri when both were key parts of the Ministry of Agriculture under Mauricio Macri.

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The meeting and coincidences between Axel Kiselov and Juan Grabois

Buenos Aires Province Governor Axel Kiselov met with leader Juan Graboa and representatives of Patria Grande, and agreed with them on the need to “stop projects that seek to take away rights.”

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Bullrich holds meetings and announces tomorrow the appointment of Melkonyan as Minister of Economy

Patricia Bullrich will hold various institutional meetings today and tomorrow she will announce from the province of Córdoba that Carlos Melconian will be Minister of Economy if she wins the elections.

On her agenda today, the presidential candidate is scheduled to have two meetings: one with Nobel laureate in US economics Tom Sargent and the other with Brazil’s ambassador to Argentina, Julio Glenternick Betel.

Sargent is an inflation specialist with whom Bullrich actually interacted during his visit to the US.

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As for the Brazilian ambassador, Bullrich seeks to strengthen relations after he said in the Council of the Americas that the relationship with the neighboring country is “strategic”.

Meanwhile, tomorrow Bullrich will travel to the province of Córdoba to officially announce that Melkonian will be Minister of Economy should he win the election.

Melkonian was in the US last week and upon his return to the country met with Bullrich to coordinate tomorrow’s declaration, in which he will be presented with his team from the Mediterranean Foundation, with which he has been working on developing government plans on economic matters.

Criticism of the mayor of Buenos Aires for the obstacles of the mayors of Makrista to the reward announced by Massa

Secretary General of the Federation of Buenos Aires Municipalities Federations, Rubén “Cholo” García, criticized the Mayors of Together for Change who refuse to grant the fixed sum of 60,000 pesos announced by the national government and asserted that they have an ideology that workers in this sector are “slaves”.

“We are in a state of emergency,” said the union leader. “The municipal workers have lagged behind in terms of the economic realities of the country: in many places we have salaries of 40,000 pesos.”

“We are used to yellow mayors telling you we don’t have money when it is necessary to discuss increases,” García emphasized. He also said “we have to see why they don’t have money: they are bad administrators or they use the money for something else. Many have billions of pesos on fixed terms, like Lanos, Tres de Febrero.”

In this sense, he warned that obtaining large amounts of money with specific conditions and paying low salaries is “not ethical”. He added, “The ideology adopted by Al-Asfar is that municipal workers are slaves.”

Finally, the Secretary General of Visimobo warned that the refusal of the provinces to pay the fixed amount would “certainly lead to confrontation”.

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The mayors of Together for Change in Buenos Aires say they cannot pay the fixed amount without extraordinary help.

The mayors of Buenos Aires of Together for Change (JxC) have stated that they will not be able to pay the 60,000 pesos bonus to workers announced by Economy Minister Sergio Massa, without receiving an “extraordinary fund”.

Local opposition leaders warned that “it is impossible for the vast majority of local governments to commit to a measure of this kind, without seriously affecting their finances, in many cases, or directly due to a lack of such funds in others.” Space in a joint statement in which they expressed their “concern about the measure announced” by Massa on Sunday to mitigate the effects of the reduction recorded after the PASO.

They added: “The current economic situation is characterized by a continuous increase in the demands that our municipalities must meet, and the continuous increase in the cost of necessary goods and services, in order to ensure the provision of basic services and to ensure the continuity of the various programs. Business, you find us in a state of severe financial constraints and the lack of resources necessary to implement Perform such procedure as mentioned.

They later said: “We understand the effect of this accommodation which seeks to mitigate the acceleration in the decline in household income, which is the product of the recent devaluation which further exacerbates this long and growing inflationary process.”

However, they asked for “the provision of an exceptional fund that would allow the measure to be implemented in every region of our territory without stopping the financing of municipalities or changing their work at a time when it is necessary to be able to maintain their ability to respond.”

Lump sum: Conservative response to Massa’s announcement

The announcement of a 60,000 pesos boost for public and private sector employees by Economy Minister Sergio Massa, as part of a post-devaluation package, moved the Politburo. Yesterday several regions came out to announce themselves. Some directly said they would pay, This was the case for the allied governments of Santiago del Estero, La Rioja and Catamarca, as well as the Mendoza government led by JxC. Others answered that They will not do this, but because they are developing their own joint projects Such as the case of Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Santa Fe. and others, meanwhile, are analyzing it, This is the case in the province of Buenos Aires. Between one and the other there are exceptions like Jujuy. Finance Minister and Governor-elect Carlos Sadir criticized the measure as electoral and said directly that the province did not have the resources to pay for it in a state of tension with state unions. The JxC opposition in Buenos Aires took the opportunity to voice their concerns as well. Lanús Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Nestor Grindetti said they would request a meeting with Governor Axel Kiselov “to see if he contributes funds.”

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Elections in Kappa: Ballots will be sent in one envelope and in the same ballot box

The National Electoral Council of the Federal Capital decided that for the upcoming general elections, Ballots for the national and local categories will be sent in one envelope and in the same ballot box.

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Masa’s secret agenda

Written by Melissa Molina

Before bed, the minister/candidate picks up his cell phone for the last time of the day and types the word “agenda.” He presses “send” and immediately his secretaries send him details of what he has to do and the next day’s obligations. With few hours of sleep, constant negotiations, and constant travel that causes him to sleep away from home most days of the week, it is difficult for him to remember everything. But on Monday next week Sergio Massa It is very clear that UxP’s strategy and communications team will present the plan for the second phase of the campaign, which has less time left.

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