Are you looking for work in Canada? This vacancy requires only high school education and is paid 26,000 pesos

Are you looking for work in Canada? This is an unmissable opportunity for dozens of Mexicans who… I want to work abroad and earn an income of up to 26 thousand pounds per month.

Most jobs ask for endless requirements such as full knowledge of languages ​​and a bachelor's degree, but don't worry, because in this job you won't need them.

If you are interested in applying for the vacant position, we provide you with details about Documents you will need, Where to apply and what the job is in Canada.

What is the job vacancy for Mexicans in Canada? We give you the details

The employment portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security announced the opening of a vacancy for Mexicans In a well-known resort in Canada.

Search for a resort in Canada Lifeguard To greet and welcome guests at the pool and within our facilities and ensure they have a safe and memorable experience, the statement said.

The vacancy description states that applicants must have knowledge of two languages, but “You have only one of the two languages ​​at the basic level“.

The company offers you these benefits in Canada:

  • Major medical expense insurance.
  • life insurance.
  • Transfer.
  • Supplemental insurance plan and employee support program (mental health, financial, etc.).
  • Company-managed pension plan.
  • Uniforms are provided.
  • Fixed term contract

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What do I need to work as a lifeguard at a company in Canada?

Given the nature of the business, it is obvious that interested parties must have some type expertise As a lifesaver to be able to apply for the vacant position in Canada.

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However, it is not necessary to have a bachelor's degree, these are the requirements:

  • Possibility of travel
  • Required educational level: high school or vocational
  • Academic status: Diploma or certificate
  • Experience: 4 – 5 years in the rescue field
  • Knowledge(s) and Tool(s): Swimming pool and water maintenance.
  • Water rescue techniques
  • Lifeguard certificate
  • First aid certificate
  • Language(s): English – Primary or French – Primary

This vacancy will then be closed June 14So if you want to know more about this vacancy in detail, you can proceed by clicking this connection.

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