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You have ? Do you leave it charging overnight until it reaches 100% and runs all day? Although this is a frequent practice, it can gradually damage the battery of your mobile device.

What is the best range to prevent my battery from getting damaged? for this gate Prepare an article detailing the minute details to always have our Android cell phone powered in optimum conditions.

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Why you shouldn’t charge your cell phone 100%

  • According to the mentioned source: Cell phone batteries are currently made of lithium. This component allows for current optimization for optimal operation.
  • The same site mentions that it is recommended to have The device is always in the range of 20-80% of the total battery during the day.
  • Likewise, in the graph, it is shown that if you charge your phone more than 80%, the ion cells of the battery are frayed and degraded, causing future performance to start degrading.
Remember to always use the original cables and plug of your device to extend the life of your cell phone battery. (Photo: mag)
  • Likewise, when the ratio is less than 20%, the device tends to do more to maintain itself during the day.
  • Finally, the details show that a file Smaller periodic recharges are better for lithium-ion batteries than long full charge cycles..

Why you should never leave your mobile phone charging in bed

  • In general, the bedspreads or quilts that we put on our beds are a source of heat. A cell phone, when plugged in, not only receives power, but can also produce heat. Therefore, if you put him to bed, the temperature can rise twice.
  • Not only will this get very hot, but it will also damage your device’s battery, thus reducing its life.
  • Also, if you have a charging cable that was repaired yourself with a tool such as duct tape, in extreme cases, it can generate sparks and, as a result, ignite the flammable thing with which the blankets are made.
  • On the other hand, there is nothing in the world that you cover your cell phone with sheets or duvets while charging, because the temperature there can play a bad experience.
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