An artist recreates different scenes from the saga

Many of these scenes contain spoilers that may spoil the experience for those who haven’t played both titles.

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Photo: Dear Oliveira Twitter

The Last of Us Parte II It was released last year, and since then, the game has built a community of fans. One of them is a specialist in conceptual art In 2D, he decided to mix his passion for the Naughty Dog series (the developers of The Last of Us) with his illustration skills, and he painted some scenes from both video games, in style. Japanese comics. Keep reading carefully, because I will enter a territory spoilers.

concerned artist, Dear Oliveira, posted a video in which we can appreciate the process of rendering several scenes in The Last of Us Part Two. the first delivery He also did not lag behind, because on social networks Oliveira uploaded illustrations of many distinctive moments in history, which he immortalized in this style in 2D. We can see Ellie during winter, Tess in her last moments, and even the last scene of the game, at the base of the fireflies.

The artist has also done illustrations for other video games.Oliveira is a freelance artist living in Portugal. In addition to The Last of Us, it has also shown interest in other video game epics and specific titles, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you like his work, consider entering him official site, where you can take a look at everything he has done.

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The Last of Us probably won’t have an anime anytime soon, but we will. HBO . series, which will have a cost per episode of More than 10 million dollars, a figure produced only by the caliber of Game of Thrones or The Mandalorian.

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