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Murcia. Over the past weeks, the news has focused on the celebration of Tokyo Olympics. Even, on many occasions, the impact of covid-19 went into the background due to the events that took place in the Japanese capital. The competitiveness, effort and improvement of hundreds of athletes have focused the attention of millions of people around the world, spreading the positive power of sport in a world beset by crises, conflict and epidemic.

UCAM, recognized worldwide as european sports universityOnce again, he had a visible and important role in the Spanish Olympic delegation, achieving the largest presence in the history of university athletes in the Spanish national team, and was able to be the university that contributed the largest number of athletes to these games worldwide. what a total 61 participants Associated with the university has achieved students of various degrees and master’s degrees 17 medals NS 19 olympic diploma Which increases the track record of an exemplary entity that promotes the Murcia region worldwide through education and sports.

All this was made possible thanks to vision, perseverance and commitment Jose Luis Mendoza, first as a founder of Catholic University of Murcia And then, strengthen the leading alliance with Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) to ensure that athletes can choose a professional future without giving up on their sporting goals. Their strong support for athletes and teams has created a unique model adapted to the realities of sport and the Spanish university system, which allows athletes to continue studying without leaving their training courses and competitions.

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From the first care to enable Mireya Belmonte Continuing their competitive readiness, the dedicated assistance provided to the Spanish Olympic Committee has now made it possible for more than 600 outstanding athletes to combine sports with studies at UCAM or anywhere in Spain, thanks to scholarship programs, sponsorship and personal attention.

UCAM’s model as a sports university has attracted attention beyond our borders, and has led EU projects such as more than gold NS ESTPORT To improve the way they work and export to other universities in United kingdomAnd ItalyAnd Greece NS Malta. He is also actively involved with the Center of Excellence in launching the world’s first refugee sports center in Getafe which aims to facilitate their integration and social formation through sport, an initiative endorsed by the Pope. Francisco.

In the region of Murcia there is an institution such as UCAM, focused on the integral formation of the person and the values ​​of Christian humanism which, in overcoming difficulties and misunderstandings, promotes internationally the modern, young and entrepreneurial image of our land through sport. . The present and future of the Spanish Olympic Movement cannot be imagined without the contribution of this university. UCAM is one of the main assets of the region of Murcia as it contributes to its social and economic progress and the promotion of the brands of the region of Murcia and Spain.

Miguel Angel Camara Botía

Professor of agricultural chemistry

Director of the Environmental Water Efficiency Chair

University of Murcia

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