An Argentine woman who got her Yankee boss with the phrase: “I can’t with gringos”

Her boss went on vacation to the Dominican Republic, and she got angry that they didn’t speak English and went down on the networks: “I can’t with gringos.” (Video: TikTok/@cam_lorenzi)

the president From a girl I went on vacation to dominican republic For four days and even though she had a good time she told her employee why she didn’t fully enjoy her stay. I got angry and I shared her anger Tik Tok. His followers agreed with him in the comments and told what was happening in other countries with similar situations.

Camila She is an argentinian who has been living for months in United State And in the networks, he shares his experiences in the North American country. However, in recent days, he released a post in which he talked about a specific situation he had with his boss. When he came back from vacation in CaribbeanShe commented that she was angry because they did not speak English and expressed her displeasure through platform. He said “I can’t with gringos”.

Camilla has lived in the US for months and shares her day-to-day in the country. (photo: Instagram/@cam_lorenzi)

through your account @ cami. lorenzi, he shared a video listing his anger over a comment his boss made to him. It turned out that he went on vacation to dominican republic But he told her he didn’t have a good time because can not communicate. “in the country Education must not be good, so they must not speak much Englishtell him.

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This comment anger Camila, who spoke in the video about the situation. He said in a sarcastic tone: “Those who have not learned are those who speak Spanish in a country where this is the official language and it is not you who want to speak English to him in the Dominican Republic.”

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The young woman was angered by a comment made by her boss. (photo: Instagram/@cam_lorenzi)

“Those without education are those who do not speak English in a country where Spanish is spoken,” he added. Later confirmed to be a Dominican They did it on purpose Because they’ll be on standby.You speak English to me because I speak English“”. “Clear, Fools we areWe burritos are all Latin Americans who supposedly don’t speak English in our Spanish-speaking countries.”

In addition, he criticized that Americans travel to countries where Spanish is spoken without knowing the language. “I am 100% in favor of not speaking to gringos in EnglishNo matter how well you know how to speak it.” The post had garnered 15,000 views and 2,300 “likes.”

“The fools are us who don’t speak English in our country where we speak Spanish,” he said. (photo: Instagram/@cam_lorenzi)

In the comments, many users told different anecdotes similar to Camilla’s. “Learn from France, where if you don’t speak French, they won’t speak to you,” said one user. “As a teenager, I went to France and I was muttering ‘chocolate brownie, what does it sound like in English?'” And the baker told me, “No, not English,” added another girl. Another young woman replied, “I work in Italy and that day Yankee got mad at my boss because she spoke to her in Italian and not in English.”

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