An app that translates a cat’s meow into human language

The mobile app allows you to “play” Doctor Doolittle by translating the cat’s meow into simple phrases such as: “I’m bored,” “I’m hungry,” and “Don’t bother me.” It’s the MeowTalk app that It aims to help the world’s “carins” – cat owners – discover what their cats are trying to say.

While dogs’ emotions may be more obvious, this is not entirely the case with cats. Now, a new app promises to take the guesswork out of cat psychology with AI Explain the meanings of the different types of meows and let the pet “talk” to its human.

Application Use the phone to listen to the cat’s meow And converts them into simple English sentences. The manufacturers said that “each cat has its own unique vocabulary that it uses to constantly communicate with its owners when in the same context. For example, a cat may have its distinctive meow to beg for food or go out into the yard.” “This isn’t necessarily language, because cats don’t share the same meow to communicate with each other, but we can use machine learning to Interpret an individual cat’s meow and translate it into a language that humans can read.

MeowTalk is not perfect and users point out Depends on the pet owner’s tuning to adapt to the “language” Personal translations: “You can edit the translations or add your own to make it more accurate, but if you already know what your cat is saying to do it, why use the app?” said one cat lover.

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The app has spread to Japan with 17 million downloads and around 250 million separate meows recorded. Obviously a cat lover Interested in using technology to communicate with their pets. Similar apps like Human-to-Cat Translator also have millions of downloads on the iPhone App Store.

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