Alux Nahual's album “ONCE” was featured in Powerplay Rock and Metal magazine in the UK

Alux Nahual's “ONCE”, his latest album, was featured in Powerplay Rock and Metal magazine in the UK.

music Aloks Nahual I crossed the border and reached the European continent with this article UK Powerplay rock and metal magazine Dedicated to “Eleven”he Album Newer than Guatemalan band. What a chilero!

Article from British magazine He reviews every song on Alux Nahual's new album and notes that Álvaro Aguilar's powerful voice is on the level of a Kiss member. Here we tell you more!

The album “ONCE” by Alux Nahual was featured in Powerplay Rock and Metal magazine

he Album “One Time” It was mentioned in the 269th edition Powerplay rock and metala British magazine For rock music lovers.

Firstly, the author points out that it is not common for him to review an album on Spotify, but on this occasion he will do so because the album is “amazing”.

In the note, he specifically provides a review or report on the eight songs on the album, which were written by Alvaro Aguilar, Ranfiri Aguilar, Oscar Conde, Plubio Aguilar, and Vinicio Molina.

Image description for people with visual impairment: Aloks Nahual performing on stage. (Credit: Aloks Nahual)

Two of the song descriptions stand out the most, as they compare Alux Nahual's work to world-famous bands.

the song Bird man For one, the author comments, “Alvaro Aguilar has a voice as powerful as Paul Stanley from Kiss.”

Likewise, he also notes that he imagines “Tommy Shaw (of Styx) singing on the final song Do not tell meand that it is “quite similar to his great metal song.” Since the world began“It's very good.”

At the end of the article, the author concludes that “ONCE” is a high-quality rock album, with very good performance and writing, and he also invites his readers to listen to the songs even if they are in Spanish.

If you want to read the full article, you can visit the page Where can you buy the magazine?

More about “Once” by Alux Nahual

The album was released in April 2023, and includes unreleased songs, showing the Guatemalan band's evolution towards a more developed and mature sound, without losing the essence that we all already know.

Blind Image Description: A person's hand holds the physical album of “ONCE”. (Credit: Aloks Nahual)

Alux Nahual consists of Alvaro Aguilar, Ranfiri Aguilar, Pelubio Aguilar, Oscar Conde, Vinicio Molina, and Rosario Vásquez. You can listen to their album on all music platforms.

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