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Netflix has great news for fans of Formula 1. The show that focuses on how to live this competition will return on a daily basis next Friday.

The series premiered in 2019.
© NetflixThe series premiered in 2019.

fight to survive turned into anger NetflixEspecially for Formula 1 fans, since the day it arrived on the podium in March 2019. Now, days before the launch of the new version, fans of this sport have begun to prepare for what will be the fourth season of this sport, a documentary about the world of racing cars. It will be issued 9 days before the return of the competition, which will start at the Bahrain Circuit.

As it usually happens in every installment, fight to survive Responsible for roaming this strange universe in the days of competition. Thus, it shows how preparations and racing days take place on the circuits of the most important motor competition in the world. The new season will feature a total of 10 episodes, letting us know that there will be a variety of landscapes to watch in its footage.

Episodes between 30 and 50 minutes long won’t feature one of the top athletes in them Formula 1And the Max VerstappenWho is not very happy with the way the scenes of the competition appear. “From my point of view as a driver, I don’t like being a part of it. They faked some competition that doesn’t really exist.”He was able to figure it out AP The athlete who is part of the Red Bull RacingThe brand that won the title.

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Last year’s season was the longest in history and saw a total of 22 races, of which only one country repeated: Italy, with Monza and Imola. The rest of the competitions were held in Bahrain, Portugal, Spain, Monaco, Azerbaijan, France, Austria, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, the United States, Brazil, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Netflix. It is worth noting that flights have been canceled in Australia, Canada, China, Japan and Singapore.

Formula 1 and Brad Pitt are close to teaming up to produce a new movie

The last time rumors started that there was a production to be reckoned with Brad Pitt In the main cast. It’s a movie from Formula 1 in which it is said Lewis Hamilton He will, at least, be productive and he will have too George Clooney. manzana He will be in charge of distribution and there is talk of a story in which a former driver returns to the world of motorsports to become a mentor to a young driver. The title of this story has not been published.

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