Alberto Fernandez sent a letter to Xi Jinping requesting official entry into the BRICS group

The Argentine ambassador to China said that the president sent a letter to his Chinese counterpart requesting to join the bloc. Argentina is seeking to get close to the Asian giant.

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Argentina formally asked China to join the BRICS group. According to Argentina’s ambassador to China, Sabino Vaca Narvaga, on Wednesday, President Alberto Fernandez sent a letter last week to his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in his capacity as interim president of the regional forum, to request the inclusion of Argentina.. in the bloc of countries that make up Brazil, Russia and India China and South Africa.

The Argentine government has a clear position on the BRICS. For us, the group is an excellent alternative to cooperation in the face of the world order that has been proven to be created by and for the benefit of a few. I am convinced that we are faced with a historic opportunity to consider the development of a genuine joint strategy between our two countries to confront this complex global scenario.”The ambassador emphasized during a speech at the BRICS Forum held in Xiamen.

BRICS members see Argentina as a leading food-producing country With huge potential to transition to clean energy sources.

Argentina already has the support of many BRICS countries
Already in early July, the Chinese government confirmed its support for the inclusion of Argentina in the BRICS group. In August, it was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation that reported that Argentina had been officially included in the list to join the selected group.

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Similarly, the Argentine Foreign Ministry announced last week that the Indian foreign minister had expressed his country’s full support for Argentina’s inclusion in this group.

last June, Alberto Fernandez actually participated in the BRICS leaders summit and described the group as “Greater economic and political impact globally”.

The BRICS countries account for nearly half of the world’s population and contributed 50% to the growth of global GDP in the past year. They add abundant natural resources such as hydrocarbons, gas and strategic minerals and are major food producers.

Argentina has also started the process of formal incorporation into the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) and has joined countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay and Bangladesh that have already joined.

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