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Located 250 km northwest of Rio de JaneiroAnd Atafuna It was Very tourist resort in Brazil. the current postcard It looks very different: it is desolate and scattered with rubble. In the past 40 yearsthe for free she was beach area erosionleaving many Abandoned and destroyed buildings in the hands of nature.

difference result Natural and human factorsthe The sea advances up to 6 meters every yearLeave everything under water. Previously More than 500 homes were submerged in a 2-kilometer strip. in the area of ​​danger, Only 180 homes with 302 residents still standing.

Houses destroyed by the encroachment of the sea. Photo: Collaboration Project

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On the other hand, the Global warming is causing sea level to rise Yes , for the lastAnd Paraíba do Sul Riverwhich originates in the neighboring state of San Pablo and flows to Atavona, It has less and less flow due to various activities that drain it upstream. this means Less sand transport towards our kindness. This causes beaches place vacation To regenerate naturally, ceding land to the sea.

Photo: Daily Culture

the houses on the coast Make the problem worse, because Remove sand dunes and vegetation. how consequencethe Beaches left without natural defenses. Although I know they studied diverse Solutionsuch as building artificial barriers or depositing huge amounts of sand, Nothing seems to be enough to stop the encroachment of the sea.

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