WhatsApp Plus, the parallel app Rage: What are the risks involved?

WhatsApp Plus is a parallel app to the original version and its latest version is V.10. Its users assure that this instant messaging service has more functionality than the popular green phone app.

Among the features that attract users who choose it is the ability to know if a contact is “online” without having to open the conversation and notify you if someone contacts. It is also possible to download our contact statuses and customize WhatsApp by various themes and sources.

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Moreover, in the latest version, the option to “enable chats” and “separate groups” has been added, hide the display status, and you can “hide” for some contacts and change your last connection to a different time.

Another attraction is that it allows you to customize your reading receipt (popular blue ticks), depending on the contact. Finally, it lets you chat and send photos, emojis, videos, and documents just like the original.

What are the risks of WhatsApp Plus?

While attractive for a number of features, WhatsApp Plus has its risks. One of them is that your phone number is blocked from the official instant messaging app.

In addition, it does not contain one of WhatsApp’s strengths: “end-to-end” encryption. That is, it does not have the same level of security against any potential hack.

While the informality of WhatsApp Plus makes its systems for protecting our data not the most reliable.

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