Advertiser rethinks Tucker Carlson’s slots after the clip calling Biden’s “mom” generation

Fox News host Tucker CarlsonThe recent revocation of the next first lady d. Jill Biden Led at least one advertiser to re-evaluate their sponsorship of the Carlson Program.

The advertiser, ButcherBox, is still advertising on Fox News, but has pulled ads from it Tucker Carlson tonight. The ButcherBox advertisement ran through Thursday Hannity.

Biden received her Ph.D. from the University of Delaware. Her thesis focused on retaining students in community colleges. Editorial article published in December before Wall Street Journal She asserted that Biden’s failure to obtain a medical degree prevented her from using “Dr.” Abbreviation. Some observers criticized the article for taking a misogynistic tone.

Carlson targeted Biden’s thesis, which he described as “extremely embarrassing,” on Wednesday by pointing to a number of typos.

“Dr. Jill needs glasses for reading,” Carlson said. “Either this, or she is illiterate.”

Carlson also described Jill Biden’s thesis as “pure nonsense like Latin pig or dog bark” and referred to her paper as “our national disgrace.” Carlson also claimed that Jill Biden was “much smarter than the man she married,” the president-elect Joe Biden.

Controversial comments by Fox News host Tucker Carlson have led advertisers to choose to spend their money elsewhere.
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Some public figures came to the defense of Biden’s generation after the opening article, including the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “Her name is Dr. Jill Biden,” Clinton wrote on Twitter on Sunday. “Get used to it.”

Jill Biden responded to the editorial you published magazine In a tweet on Sunday. “Together, we will build a world in which the accomplishments of our girls are celebrated, rather than curtailed,” she wrote.

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In June, Carlson remarks about protests over the death of the black man George Floyd At the hands of Minneapolis police officers, he caused some major advertisers to abandon the Carlson program. Carlson appeared to blame the “Black Lives Matter” group for a number of the demonstrations. Carlson said the protests “are definitely not about black lives. Remember that when they come for you, at this rate, they will.”

Papa John’s, Disney, T-Mobile and Poshmark have stopped showing ads on the show in response to Carlson’s comments.

Amid the controversy, the Carlson program continues to be successful. According to the classification company Nielsen Media Research, Tucker Carlson tonight It had its highest ratings ever in 2020 while averaging 798,000 viewers in the 25 to 54 age group.

Newsweek Reached out to ButcherBox and the Biden transition team for more comments.

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