Travel to the UK: new entry requirements

The UK will start to require 2,024 visitors from Spain and all Countries that do not require a visaincluding those of European Unionwhich was previously obtained Electronic travel authorizationLondon reported Thursday.

For now, the UK will start requiring visitors from Qatar to obtain the e-pass before traveling from October 25, a requirement that will be extended in 2024 to all EU countries.

From February 2024, this requirement will also apply to nationals of Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Over the next year, the rest of the world countries that do not require visas to visit the United Kingdom will be added to the program, a group that includes, in addition to Spain and the rest of the European Union, Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay.

An Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) will be necessary Tourism, business and student visits whose stay in the country will be less than six months.

The UK government has not yet announced the cost of its e-authorization, which will have scope Valid for two years He will work for several interventions in the country.

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There will be no exceptions to facilitate unexpected business travel

To request the permit, it will be necessary to send a photo via a website or application that allows the authorities to record biometric data, and to answer some questions about the reasons for the trip.

The UK government estimates that licenses will be issued in approx Three working daysAlthough he hopes most of them will get the go-ahead before that deadline.

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London does not plan to make exceptions to facilitate unforeseen business travel in the absence of electronic permission to come into effect.

On the other hand, those who will not need to apply for an entry permit will be Europeans who resided in the country before Brexit and have ‘permanently settled’ status in the UK, and are not legally resident in the Republic of Ireland.

reciprocal measure by the European Union

For its part, the European Union also plans to launch in 2024 European Travel Information and Permits System (ETIAS), which will force Britons and tourists from visa-free countries to pay €7 for a pre-entry permit that will be Valid for three years.

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