About 137 students passed the medical entrance examination

May 3, 2021 – 22:13
During 2020, there was no entry test for the COVID-19 pandemic, while in 2019, the top 60 were entered with a median among the nearly 600 applicants who applied.

About 137 students passed the 2021 Medical Profession Entrance Examination at the National University of Salta (UNSa), which is based on the National University of Tucuman.

38 students passed the exam last February, and in the April call, about 99 students passed.

And about 950 people registered their shows in February. 550 submitted to the exam and 400 to recuperator, and in April there were 846 enrollments.

Between the two, there were nearly 2,000 registered but not all of them attended the exam despite registering.

During the year 2020, there were no entry tests for the COVID-19 pandemic, while in 2019, the top 60 average entries were entered from among the nearly 600 applicants who applied.

The number of applicants is likely to increase slightly this year, as health professionals are expected to start their careers at the Salta campus without passing the entrance examination. Salta’s coordinator of medicine, Enrique Heredia, explained, “Graduates of nursing, kinesiology, biochemistry, veterinarians and dentists can apply for admission.”


When the profession was launched, in 2015, 60 students accepted the class and seven professionals applied to enter, although only three of them continued. “Four have dropped out but it also makes sense. They already have their profession. They decided not to advance. It is good to give the opportunity to professionals who for some reason have not been able to go to study medicine in previous years and today by closing it they can do that.”

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Among the students who started their career in 2015, 26 students have reached the sixth year, “but this does not mean that 37 other students dropped out, but they are in the third, fourth or fifth year.”

He explained that the indicators obtained after the 2021 examinations are positive. He stressed that they are “multiplying the rations we had.”

He indicated that two favorable decisions were made: approval of it with the qualifications of six people, which allowed more people to enter compared to the previous class, and to conduct a limited test, within four hours, through biosafety. Regulations related to the epidemic. Before, each topic was taken on a different day. “We could not bring 500 or 1,000 boys four times a month to do the work. So it was a shorter, privileged exam to protect the health of the applicants, their families, teachers, and university staff,” Heredia said.

He explained that the majority of students who pass the admission, about 95%, are received sooner or later. “The dropout in medicine is very low. It occurs, for example, because a person gets married or there is a family component that prevents him from developing. It has nothing to do with the job many times, because despite his refusal, the student has many opportunities to start over.” He added that from the university they are committed to the aspirations of the students, who in the near future will be “the best doctors Salta and the region deserve.”

For classroom instruction in 2021, the default method will be distinctive, as in 2020. Only last December, February and March hospital practices were enabled in bubbles so that students could recover the practical portion that was pending.

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For three months, there were students of the sixth and seventh year of medical school who complete their final practices in health centers.

“We adapt and care for our students, patients and teachers, and this is what we must do until this storm subsides,” Heredia stressed.

More than 350 students study medicine in its entirety in its various years.

“All this is very good for our future project, because all students belonging to Tucuman today, if the profession of Salta is approved, they will go to Salta immediately because they will want to get their degree from UNSa. We seek to fulfill this dream of our students will come true soon.”

The first doctors who graduated from the Salta campus can be received in December of next year.

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