The extended budget for 2022 is $627 billion less than the budget for 2021

The remaining $210 million corresponds to a budget amendment that was formally drafted on December 31, eight days after the publication of Decree 822 that ordered the extension.

In this regard, Law No. 24156 of the Financial Administration establishes that if it is necessary to extend the budget by decree for the next fiscal year, the expenditures and resources specified in the law and the amendments established up to the date of the regulation will be valid. , without those that apply later.

It was also necessary to apply the amendments in the case of expenditures, especially the appropriations amounting to 19.532 million dollars for the Ministry of Interior last year to draw attention to the expenditures related to the development of the electoral process. Changes in expenses and resources have led to changes in the expected financial result: The primary deficit (not including debt services) increased by $402,136 million as of December 23 last year, while the increase in the fiscal deficit is slightly higher, at $402,567 million.

In any case, it is common practice for all governments to implement new budget amendments during the year, either through decrees of necessity and urgency or through administrative decisions of the Prime Minister.

The executive branch was forced to resort to extending the budget by decree after the opposition decided to vote against the official project in the parliament session on December 17, without leaving time to discuss a possible new initiative.

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