A young woman created a gender-neutral surface …

Indy Melink, A 23-year-old psychology graduate, tired of the gender inequality found in French card games and decided to launch her own project. The characters of the king, queen and cranes disappear.

From Holland, this fanatical young woman came up with the idea while explaining the rules of the game to her cousins, at which point she realized the inequality of having a king more valuable than a queen.

Encouraged by her father, Indy decided to design her own deck using gold, silver, and bronze instead of the king, queen, and jack cards, feeling that “even subtle inequalities like this play a role.”

“If we have this hierarchy that makes the king more valuable than the queen, then this subtle disparity affects people in their daily lives because it is just another way of saying ‘Hey, you are less important.’ Added in an interview with the press.

The first 50 of their new floors were quickly acquired by friends and family, while after the success of the initial card packs, Indy had more GSB floors (gold, silver, and bronze) created and sold for an online form.

Since seeing his floors blossom in popularity, Indy tested it on card players who weren’t aware of the sexual inequality in cards before.

In one month, it shipped around 1,500 gender-neutral surfaces to Belgium, Germany, France and the United States. Toy stores are now looking to sell gender neutral cards as well.

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