A woman discovered she had COVID-19 mid-flight and isolated herself for five hours in an airplane bathroom

Marisa Fotiu, a woman from the United States traveling to Iceland, He started feeling bad during the flight I decided to use a file self test of COVID-19, which returned a result positive.

Looking at this teacher He isolates himself in the bathroom for more than 5 hours, until I landed in Reykjavik.

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Fotiu, who was traveling from Chicago, USA to Iceland’s capital on December 20, began to feel it throat pain During the trip I decided to use one COVID-19 Rapid Tests Which he carried with him in the bathroom of the plane.

immediately, The test was positive The teacher chose to isolate herself in the bathroom so as not to reveal herself More than 150 people who were traveling with her to the European country.

In those five hours, Marisa had time to record a video recounting the situation, which she later posted on TikTok, and he got it. More than three million views.

The teacher uploaded TikTok to tell him what happened and it has over 3 million views (Photo: marisaefotieo).

Later, in an interview with NBC, he commented: “crazy experience” The one he had to live with. I ran the test to the bathroom and in what seemed like two seconds I saw two lines (test positive)and narrated.

Moreover, he added that He managed to stay in the bathroom thanks to the help of an “angel”., Stewardess Ragnhildur “Rocky” Eiríksdóttir: “I made sure to have everything I needed for the next five hours, from a meal a He drinksHe was always concerned about my condition and assured me that I would be fine.”

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Marisa Fotieo tested positive for coronavirus and had to self-isolate in an airplane bathroom for five hours (Photo: @marisaefotieo).
Marisa Fotieo tested positive for coronavirus and had to self-isolate in an airplane bathroom for five hours (Photo: @marisaefotieo).

When she arrived in the Icelandic capital, the teacher was placed in quarantine at a Hotel run by the Red Cross. There he had to spend Christmas.

Even the flight attendant who kept in touch with her after the trip via social media Send her flowers and a little Christmas tree So as not to lose the holiday spirit.

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