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Violent wildfires may have destroyed hundreds of homes in western Colorado United StateThe fires are moving fast, fueled by a historic drought, the mayor of Boulder County said Thursday.

We know that approximately 370 homes in the Sagamore subdivision have been lost. There are 210 other homes that may have been lost in the Old Town Superior”, Joe Bailey, Boulder County Sheriff, said at a news conference.

An area of ​​more than 6 square kilometers has caught fire in the province of BoulderThe authorities are warning of a deadly situation as the fire is advancing in populated and commercial areas.

“I want to stress that given the size and intensity of this fire and its occurrence in a densely populated area, it would not be surprising that there would be casualties or deaths,” said Bailey, who explained that the fire engulfed a store and hotel complex.

Structures burn when a wind-driven wildfire forces evacuation from the Superior suburb of Boulder, Colorado, USA (Photo: Trevor Hughes/USA Today Network via Reuters).

The Colorado Sun reported that Many of the burn victims were treated in area hospitalsAt least six patients were registered in one hospital.

Images from CBS television showed what appeared to be a burning apartment complex as firefighters were trying to put out the blaze.

A video on Twitter shows smoke and fire arriving at a department store parking lot and setting trees and grass on fire.

Thousands of people have received an eviction alert To escape the flames believed to have been set off by high winds, electricity poles collapsed.

Patrick Kilbride, 72, was working in a hardware store when he learned of the eviction, according to the Denver Post.

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She ran home to pick up her things but she couldn’t save anything but her car and the clothes she was wearing. His dog and cat died.

“Just ashes,” he said of the house he lived in for three decades.

“It’s no longer a home. If you need a fireplace, that’s all that’s left,” he told the newspaper. “What a strange feeling to go from having everything to make your life comfortable to having nothing.”

The flames exploded when wildfires broke out near a small shopping center near Broomfield, Colorado.  (Photo: AP/David Zalubowski)
The flames exploded when wildfires broke out near a small shopping center near Broomfield, Colorado. (Photo: AP/David Zalubowski)

“live in danger”

The National Meteorological Authority confirmed that the situation “endangers lives.”

Patti Holtz described the horror of leaving her home in Boulder County.

“Everything was burning”, He said.

“There are embers everywhere. So of course I am very afraid of the wind which will continue to spread to other houses. (…) It was so dark, of course, that you could not see anything. It is like the blackness of the night ”, described.

Winds of about 160 kilometers per hour were recorded in several places, which led to fanning the flames and hampering the efforts of firefighters who could not fly over the area.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis declared a state of emergency, calling it a “devastating” fire.

Like previous state fires, he said, fires are progressing in residential areas, not in the countryside.

“this area [en llamas] around and within suburban settlements and stores”, He said.

“It’s like the neighborhood you live in, like the neighborhood any of us live in, and 6 square kilometers can be near a population center, which in this case, is very devastating.” Polis said, also present at the press conference.

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Like much of the western United States, Colorado has experienced years of drought that has dried up the area and exposed it to wildfires.

Although fires are a natural part of the climate cycle, helping to remove vegetation, their size and intensity are increasing.

Scientists warn that climate change, driven in large part by human activities such as the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels, is altering weather patterns.

This is prolonging droughts in several regions and causing unusual out-of-season storms in others, a phenomenon that is expected to worsen as temperatures continue to rise worldwide.

University of California meteorologist Daniel Swain tweeted that it was “hard to believe” these fires were occurring in December, when these types of flames are rarely recorded.

“But if we take a warm, dry autumn, with only 2.5 cm of snow so far this season, and add a strong gust of wind (more than 160 km/h)…the result is very fast and dangerous fires.”

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