A woman calculates the value of the “pi number” in 100 billion digits

Google’s cloud computing systems were the tool used to achieve this feat.

In just 5 months the developer From the Google Cloud Systems area, Haruka has been able to calculate 100 trillion connected numbers from a PI number.

This feat has been achieved by computer systems used in data storage operations in the cloud.

However, in 2019, the same scientist already reached the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of digits calculated from the number of Pi with 31.4 billion serial numbers, a process that took 121 days.

The interesting thing is that it beat its own record of three years ago by calculating 100 billion numbers in 157 days, so it’s surprising that in addition to generating more digital data, it did so twice as fast.

Scientists and mathematicians throughout history have devoted themselves to studying the value of the number Pi, which today remains one of the greatest mysteries in the exact sciences because it is an infinite series of numbers.

Emma Haruka points out that the scientific community still computes because Pi has no transcendental limit, which means that it cannot be written as a finite polynomial.

Not only was the number Pi but other scientific questions supported by the age of computing that began about 80 years ago, as systems allowed data to be processed at greater amounts and speeds.

Haruka adds that for now, the end of computing development is not in sight, such as the invention of electronic computers in the 1940s and the discovery of faster algorithms in the 1960s and 1980s, more fundamental changes can still be found to keep the momentum going.

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Among the developments that are still expected in the world of computing, cloud technology architectures and grid computing systems, the above in order to increase the amount of data and information that can be stored in the cloud, with the eventual forgetting of devices such as USB or even hardware memories.

She is a developer of the code and programming language for Google’s cloud storage systems, and her work has made it easier for people at this company to understand how the cloud works.

He became interested in number Pi puzzles from the age of 12 when he downloaded a program to his computer that helped him calculate the value of this number.

The technological creation that allowed unlimited storage of all kinds of information on the web is called the cloud. It is believed that this advance in the data storage system could forever change the way humans have understood and perceived technology so far.

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