A master class by Taylor Swift will be taught at a British university

A course on Taylor Swift's musical world is sparking interest in Scotland. (Source: Reuters)

Taylor Swift Ready to continue the lucrative and historic Eras Tour. After the release of his last album Section of tortured poets, the pop star heads to various countries in the United Kingdom, including Scotland, where an innovative educational proposal has attracted interest. And the university Glasgow Clyde College The Gulf Cooperation Council countries decided to open a master class aimed at understanding this phenomenon com. swiftie.

The 90-minute course aims to instill in-depth knowledge about the artist, covering everything from her previous artwork to the ins and outs of her live shows such as Make the listCostumes, hairstyles and even traditional cheers for the audience.

Taylor Swift is set to bring her popular Eras Tour to the UK.  (Credits: Republic Records)
Taylor Swift is set to bring her popular Eras Tour to the UK. (Credits: Republic Records)

It is believed that this initiative will help family, friends, comrades, or those who are less familiar with the singer's career, to enjoy the concert, if they are planning to attend one of her performances.

“Taylor mania shows no signs of slowing down any time soon and we expect it to reach its peak here in Scotland.”Robert Anderson, deputy director of curriculum for GCC, shared a nod to the expectations surrounding the concert Swift will perform on June 7, 8 and 9 in Edinburgh.

Glasgow Clyde College is creating a course dedicated to understanding this phenomenon "com. swiftie".  (Credit: Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports)
Glasgow Clyde College is innovating with a course dedicated to understanding the 'fast' phenomenon. (Credit: Joe Camporeale/USA Today Sports)

Depending on the curriculum, the class will prepare attendees so that, regardless of their level of prior knowledge of the singer, they can fully immerse themselves in the culture. com. swiftie And his tour. “Taylor's concerts are notoriously well-crafted, and unless you're a fan, you might miss some special moments,” Anderson added.

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The Eras tour is expected to surpass its record Harry Stiles in 2023, making it the biggest show in Scotland, with a total of 219,000 fans waiting to attend the stadium. Murrayfield to Edinburgh For three nights.

Taylor Swift's concerts in Edinburgh are aiming to become a major landmark event.  (Image source: Reuters/Edgar Su)
Taylor Swift's concerts in Edinburgh are aiming to become a major landmark event. (Image source: Reuters/Edgar Su)

Due to great interest and high demand, tickets for this unique tournament sold out within minutes. It is expected that more dates can be scheduled.

There's only a little over a week left until Tour of the ages The reboot will officially take place in Paris, France, on May 9, 2024. As expected, the mystery over how the singer will incorporate her latest era, Section of tortured poets, within its impressive repertoire of concerts grows every day. With 31 new songs, the question is which songs will be included and which will be removed from the concert series that has so far lasted more than three hours.

Following the release of her new album, the American singer will resume her tour in Paris, France, after a break.

This was in a video clip he posted on his channel Youtube, Swift He announced the new costumes that his concert will include in reference to the new album. Among them can be seen a purple skirt similar to the one mentioned in the song “imgonnagetyouback”. There were also glimpses of high heels reminiscent of those in the “Fortnight” music video.

The tracks continued with another clip featuring dancers wearing black hats and carrying batons, an aesthetic and choreography that had not until then been part of their current shows.

Taylor Swift's latest musical productions, "Section of tortured poets" Critics have described it as a deeply personal and ambitious work.  (Credits: Republic Records)
Taylor Swift's latest musical production, Tortured Poets Oath, has been described by critics as a deeply personal and ambitious work. (Credits: Republic Records)

On the other hand, since its first presentation, TTPD It achieved many milestones, as it was named the most played album on the day of its release on platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Moreover, the latest online music platform revealed that the album set a new record by accumulating over 1 billion views in one week.

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To date, Taylor Swift has scheduled 50 shows across Europe. The challenge is enormous for what is already considered “the most lucrative tour in history.”

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