A Spanish woman who has lived in the UK for 10 years explains our weakness: “This clips a lot of people's wings.”

A Spanish woman who lived in the UK for 10 years explains our vulnerability (@itscristinaolmedo on TikTok)

if social networks It's discovering other cultures without having to leave home. They are often used by people moving from Spain to other countries to share their discoveries, help other citizens decide their future travel destinations and provide useful advice. Adaptation abroad. This is the case of Cristina Olmedo (@itscristinaolmedo), a young Spanish woman with more than 29,000 followers on TikTok, living in the UK, who uses her videos to tell us about the culture shocks or curiosities she encounters in Anglo. – The Saxon state. In one of the most recent posts he uploaded on the Chinese social network, he talked about the “weak point” of the Spanish language.

“In this video, I want to tell you one of the things that shocked me the most about Spain, because now I don't live there and I see my culture from the outside,” he begins by explaining. com. tiktoker In a video clip that existed more than 21,000 views. “Maybe, because of what I'm about to say, I'll fall a little Dislikes But I don't care, I consider it a real thing, and if we change it we will benefit a lot.”

The young woman believes that in Spain there are people with a lot of talent and ambition, but they are afraid to show their abilities. He says that ever since we were very young, We tend to be sarcastic Who, for example, are not good at pronouncing English or know how to sing, which discourages them from displaying those talents in the future.

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“When you live in Spain, you don't realize it because you're stuck in this pattern of: I'd rather make a fool of myself by doing something wrong and laugh at myself, than say I know how to do something good and do it,” he says. “And they make fun of me, because I know how to do something that others don't know,” which is why he believes that this method of acting ultimately leads to clipping the wings of many people, who try to hide what they are doing well for fear that the rest of them will laugh.

In England, on the contrary, as the Spanish indicates, children go up to the stage and people applaud them, which helps them Going far into the future. He concludes: “This makes me sad, because I feel that in Spain we dress so as not to stand out, and this does not allow us to succeed.”

The government of Spain, through royal decree, established the specific criteria that determined who could be considered Influencer. This regulation, approved by the Council of Ministers, seeks to regulate this number within the Audiovisual Law, while incorporating for the first time obligations related to advertising and the protection of minors.

The regulations set out three basic requirements for a person to be recognized as Influencer. The first is that you must have generated an income of at least €300,000 in the last year. Additionally, you must have more than 1 million followers on the video sharing platform or have 2 million followers in total. It is also required to post or share at least 24 videos per year. These standards seek to provide greater protection for consumers and minors, increase control over advertising activities and improve regulation of cooperation with content creators.

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