An Argentine project on artificial intelligence will be funded by Canada and Sweden

An Argentine research initiative was selected from more than 150 proposals from around the world and received funding To investigate how data science and artificial intelligence can help prevent the outbreak of Covid-19 and possibly other infectious diseases in the country, The Interdisciplinary Center for Studies in Science, Technology and Innovation (Ciecti), project coordinator, reported.

It’s about Arphai (por su nombre en ingl├ęs Argentine Public Research on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Epidemic Prevention), Which aims to develop tools, models, and recommendations that help anticipate and manage these epidemiological events.

The initiative was selected along with eight other proposals based on Africa, Latin America and Asia – out of a total of 154 applicants – and from this recognition will be funded by the International Development Research Center (Idrc) in Canada and the Swedish International Development Corporation. Cooperation Agency (SIDA), under the Global South Program AI4COVID.

In Latin America only two were selected: Arphai in Argentina and another project in Colombia.

The project is coordinated by Ciecti and involves the Planning and Policy Secretariat of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the National Information Systems Directorate of the Access to Health Secretariat of the Argentine Ministry of Health.

Also working on the initiative are researchers and technical teams from the public administration and members of 19 institutions, including universities and research centers in six Argentine provinces and the city of Buenos Aires.

What is this project about?

The main goal is to develop technological tools based on artificial intelligence and data science, which are applied to electronic medical records (EHR), and allow to anticipate and detect potential epidemic outbreaks and favor preventive decision-making in the field of public health regarding Covid-19.

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Among the tasks carried out, progress was also made on a pilot project to implement the electronic medical record designed by the Ministry of Health (Health History Integrated – HSI) in the health networks of two municipalities on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, in order to synthesize learning and learning. Design an escalation strategy at the national level.

Another goal is to prioritize the perspective of equity, particularly gender, a criterion expressed in efforts to mitigate biases in developed prototypes (models, algorithms), in analysis and concern for the databases used and their diverse configuration. Teams: 60% of the project is made up of women, many of whom are in leadership positions.

Arphai operates under strict standards of confidentiality, protection and anonymity of data and is endorsed by the Ethics Committee of the National University of Quilmes (UNQ).

Source: Telam

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