A first-person experience in the north of the country


Medical school training: a personal experience in the north of the country

“We hit a reality that we knew, but to see it is completely different, to see the disease apart from the book, to listen to people and be able to help them, and have them thank you for doing it is invaluable,” said Martina Kamper. A medical student in an interview with Radio LU9 Mar del Plata.

Students of the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Mar del Plata carried out their final practices in different regions of the north of the country with a health camp to help those most in need.

In an interview with LU9 Radio Mar del Plata, Martina Camper, a medical student, commented: “We have the last final exam in a few days, and if everything goes well we will graduate, we are happy and worried.”

On his tour of the profession, he said: “From school I knew I loved it, then I met professionals in the field and I fell in love with it. I started with many doubts because it is a heavy and demanding profession, but I encouraged myself and when the profession opened, she ran to sign me up because it was something the city needed.”

For these practices in the North, “We all from the first group did the trip, the health camp, we spent 10 days sharing a little bit, we were learning, we were doing everything by trial and error.”

Through this experience, he identified his interest in psychiatry as “You work with many psychologists and other disciplines, and it’s a very rich discipline and with this pandemic it’s booming a lot. Medicine never ends, you’re always studying and learning, things are updated, so it’s a constant study.” “.

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On this trip, “I had to go to Salta, it was very interesting areas to work in, in my experience it was interesting, we learned beyond medicine, we got together as a group, we learned to live together,” he said.

Likewise, the most important thing is that we “met people and cured diseases, found a truth that we knew but whose vision is very different, seeing the disease apart from the book, listening to people and being able to help them, thanks to you doing that is an invaluable thing.”

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