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The main purpose of the program is to create a very close and real experience between knowledge and society in general.

Integrado por un grupo de docentes y estudiantes de Berazategui, de materias como física, química, robótica y biología, el Centro Interactivo de Ciencia Escolar (CICE) “ExploraMente” genera una experiencia mucho la más cercana y real entida runama del saber com generally. In its museum, which is designed to receive educational visits, many scientific inventions are on display, among them robots created with electronic waste that are almost exclusively provided by Ecopoints for the local “Berazategui Recicla” program.

ExploraMente director, Leandro Dagan, explained: “Our aim is to pass on the science from a more enjoyable side and encourage the new generations in the sense that the science can be played with.” He added, “In the beginning, we started with a small group of boys from a school in a science club. When they graduate, they suggested continuing, they wanted to continue experimenting, and this is how“ ExploraMente ”was born. After that, we decided that we have to showcase our work and that way we opened, thanks to the space Given to us by Las Manzanas Retiree (162 and 49th streets), which is a place where we can showcase what we are doing. “

Many of the robots made by CICE members are made from e-waste collected at the city’s Ecopoints. In this regard, Dagan explained, “The Berazategui Recicla environmental points have helped us a lot because they allow us to use e-waste to continue the experiments. For us, it is golden dust because we can access materials that are very useful for our experiments.”

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For his part, Deputy Project Director Javier Juarez said, “It is important to mention that the municipality gave us many opportunities to continue working and this is a grain of sand that we contribute to from the educational aspect. It is part of the return of everything that was given to us at that time.”

Meanwhile, another member of the team, Jorge Moyano, said: “This is a space that is not abundant because what ExploraMente does is provide the opportunity to see what science is like, where sometimes many scientific principles are studied but they cannot feel. On the other hand, CICE allows you to see the science from a first-person perspective, which is very valuable. “

To find out more about this project, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram accounts (cice_explomente).

A municipality committed to recycling

A large part of the materials that Explomente uses in his experiments or in building robots are obtained at “Berazategui Recicla” ecological points. It is abandoned or damaged waste of technology, such as: computers, monitors, televisions, musical equipment, headphones, electrical items in general, etc.

Berazategui Recicla aims to achieve an environmentally conscious city, to become one of the most beautiful and cleanest in the country.

Currently, the program – promoted by Mayor, Dr Juan José Moussa, through the NGO Secretariat – consists of promoting the separation of recyclable waste from the home, such as plastic, glass, metal and cardboard. Paper and electronic devices mentioned above. Once removed, they are transferred to Ecopoints (collection centers that operate in neighborhood entities, such as clubs and promotion societies). You can find out their exact location by going to the municipality’s website berazategui.gob.en/recicla.n

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