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During an interview with Russia Today, the parliamentarian explained that after the opposition politician announced himself, there is a plot to deprive this South American country of billions of dollars.

And he recalled how Guaidó and his supposed government traveled to several countries, “like a kind of eagle, a bird of prey, which devoted himself to touring the world’s banks to find out where he got the Venezuelan money so that he could allocate it.”

Rodriguez asked that despite the failures, this sector of the far right continues to receive support from Washington and its allies, “Why does it continue with the Republic of Narnia? For this very simple reason,” he said.

In this sense, he provided as an example the illegal seizure of the assets of Citgo, a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) in the northern country and Monomeros in Colombia.

The lawmaker also disputed his complaint, stating that one of the last actions against the former parliamentarian and his team is about distributing the budget they receive from the White House, following the theft committed by the Donald Trump administration against Venezuela.

He stated that Sergio Vergara, a fugitive from justice and a confidant of Guaidó, who also signed the contract of mercenary Jordan Godreau to invade Venezuela, was responsible for the distribution, after Washington illegally handed over $ 112 million in 2020, of that money.

Regarding the path of the former MP, he noted that he “ does not even have academic support, moral support, and does not even possess the rhetorical capacity to be a representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, let alone exercise the function of President of the National Assembly. ”

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However, he reiterated that the importance accorded to him was due to a plan drawn up with the support of the United States, whose strategy is to encourage the division of the Venezuelan population and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), to promote regime change.

He stressed that Guaidó has no real repercussions on the political scene, despite the damage it has caused to the people of Venezuela, calling for sanctions and blockades.

He stated that the new parliament faced a catastrophe in the legislative palace, which became the nucleus of the largest conspiracies against the republic while it was under the control of the opposition majority.

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