Chelsea Clinton Gets Nasty With Jay-Z In Defense of Beyoncé

A pregnant Chelsea Clinton went after Jay-Z after watching his wife Beyonce’s Netflix Documentary.

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Clinton took offense at what she interpreted as Jay-Z’s weak and lackluster response to Beyonce’s excitement after working to fit back into an outfit after having her twins: Rumi and Sir.

Reportedly, Beyonce FaceTimed her husband, Jay-Z, to show off her hard-earned physique, and he just smiled and said ‘all right.’

Apparently, that would not be enough for Clinton, if she were ever to do the same with her husband Marc. In fact, she threatened, “…you better have more enthusiasm.” To which Marc responded, “duly noted.”

Like Beyonce, Clinton has three children: Charlotte, Aiden and Jasper. In fact, she was pregnant with her third when she watched Beyonce’s documentary. And it sounds like the hormones were flowing. According to Marc, Clinton brought the issue up three times in 90 seconds, and he just wanted to watch the documentary.

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It’s hard to say how Jay-Z really felt about his wife’s achievement. I mean, maybe he just thinks his wife is sexy no matter what. Maybe he was in the middle of something when he took the FaceTime call.

Most likely, Chelsea was not feeling great about her own physical appearance at that point in her own pregnancy, and she was lashing out at her husband because of it. I’ve been there…many women have.

So, husbands, please take note.

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