1st of the year: After two seasons, Netflix canceled this series in Latin America

After two seasons on the air, Netflix has decided to cancel the series Gentified. Latin American Comedy, Created by Marvin Limos s Linda Yvette Chavez And with the actress America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) As executive producer, I followed the story Three cousins ​​and grandfather looking for “American dream‘As they fight to keep their taco shop and so that their families don’t distance themselves despite being part of the US and the other in Mexico.

Gentified was in his team with Carrie MartinAnd Joaquin CosioAnd Joseph Julian SyriaAnd Carlos SantosAnd Laura Batalano s Alma Martinez. season 2 join Melina BobadillaAnd Manuel OrizaAnd Ivana Rogas s Clarissa Tibo.


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