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Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) It involves many challenges, because it affects each person's intellectual ability and social skills differently. Being so complex and in order not to fall into bias, there are several things Fantasy series That helps us understand more about what it means to live with it Autism.

Atypical -Ruba Rashid, 2017

Created by Rubia Rasheed In the United States and was shown for the first time on the platform Netflix In 2017, it focuses on the life of a young man Asperger'sIt is a syndrome that falls within the autism spectrum, and is called Sam Gardner.

In this series, you navigate the challenges you face as a teenager, your search for independence and your place in the world, with a realistic representation of the daily life of an autistic person. Thus, it explores how it affects interpersonal relationships, in addition to delving into topics such as Acceptance and inclusion.

The good doctor – 2017

this TV seriesadapted from a successful South Korean drama that was shown on the Turkish screen, and in this case on the American small screen, and tells the story of a young doctor named Sean Murphyinterpreted by Freddie Highmorewho begins work at a prestigious hospital in California.

Sean must adapt to his social and work environment and deal with patients and even his staff despite their differences. In addition, he faces medical conditions. picture Autism The series has been well received by audiences and critics, and has even been nominated for awards. Amy And the prizes People's choice. It is available on the platform Amazon Prime.

Oooh, lawyer extraordinaire – Kim Seok-yeon, 2022

This South Korean TV series is also available on Netflix. The drama continues Woo Sun Hana junior lawyer with autism who is exceptionally talented in her career.

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As the story unfolds, the protagonist faces challenges at the law firm she joins, represents clients in complex cases, and seeks success and justice despite her own biases. lonely. The series was released in 2022.

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