Young Valestus took the exam to enter medicine

On the morning of this morning, the Medical Profession Entrance Exam at Tucuman National University for Valleys students was taken, in person, with all health protocols and procedures in place; Organizing and directing the municipality.

The Secretary of the Medical College, Dr Juan Hotequiore, and Dr Graciela Koch, Chief Operating Officer of the Medical Clinic Chair, were responsible for administering the examination.

A total of 21 students, from Tavi del Valle (4), Amicha del Valle (4), Cafati (1), San Carlos (1) and Santa Maria (11). The method was the same as a multiple choice, for three hours, and covered subjects, chemistry, biology, physics / mathematics and text comprehension.

Previously, students prepared to perform, from December 2019 to March 13, 2020, through the Academic Adjustment Course (CNA), responsible for Santamarian teachers, Erika Calderón (Course Coordinator); Roxana Escalante Fabiana Herrero and Omar Castro; Given the context of the pandemic in 2020, they had a support system through virtual classrooms.

From the municipality, cooperation with the municipal shelter for youth sports from different cities has taken place; Payment of antigens to enter the city for students from Amisha and Cafati, breakfast and transportation to transport students to the room in which the exam was taken and the students’ return from Tavi del Valle to Amisha.

For his part, Santamaria Mayor Juan Pablo Sanchez wished the youth every success, and indicated that they would continue to work with the Dean of the National University College, Dr. Matteo Martinez, “because this joint work means that investment in health and education in the future of Santa Maria and the entire Calchque Valley”; “I congratulate the efforts and sacrifices of all the young people who are performing today, to achieve their hopes and goals and for tomorrow to become health professionals.”

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