You may lose access to your Netflix account if you pay through Apple

(CNN) — Netflix wants its customers to stop paying for their streaming subscription through the Apple App Store.

Members billed through Apple may soon be required to change their payment plan, according to a new addition to Help site From Netflix.

According to a Netflix spokesperson, if a new payment is not added before the monthly subscription renewal date, the member will not be able to use their Netflix account until a new payment method is added.

The policy change will affect members using Netflix's basic plan in countries like the US and Canada, according to the spokesperson.

Netflix's update comes after years of pushback against Apple for apps in its iOS App Store to take a 30% discount on all in-app purchases. Apple said it requires a 15% lower reduction in some situations.

Netflix stopped accepting Apple Payments for new and returning customers in 2018, but Netflix's policy change means existing customers who were allowed to pay through Apple will now have to make the switch.

Previously, Apple blocked several iOS apps from circumventing the 30% fee by accepting payments outside of Apple's payment system. But in 2021, Apple Its restrictions were eased For Netflix and other streaming companies like Spotify, allowing these apps to insert a link to external websites to let people set up or manage their accounts outside of the Apple App Store.

Apple's in-app purchase fees have been a pet peeve of app developers for years. And last month, in a blow to Apple, the US Supreme Court Refusal to review A lower court order requires Apple to allow all developers to add buttons or links that direct customers to purchase in-app content through other payment channels.

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The decision was related to a lawsuit filed by Epic Games in 2020 against Apple, maker of the popular video game Fortnite, which accused Apple of antitrust violations over its in-app fee-charging practices.

CNN's Brian Fung contributed reporting.

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