Why My Stuffed Reindeer was such a hit, according to Netflix's president

My stuffed reindeerfrom Netflix, Already accumulated More than 75 million views It does not seem that it will stop adding visits in the coming weeks. He was The platform's biggest surprisebecause it surpassed great productions such as Body problem 3 Not only on a much smaller budget, but also without any promotion outside of the UK.

So What is the reason for its tremendous success around the world? ted sarandos, Netflix CEO, Clear. It wasn't people's comments on social media, it wasn't the media… It was the algorithm.

according to Delivery timeSarandos explained to the New York Times that the series was “very, very big in the UK, and as Netflix does, The algorithm picks it up And it starts to appear more and more because When something becomes big in one country, it's likely to have significant viewership outside of that country. It has been a huge hit all over the world.”

This is it The reason for the huge jump It happened My stuffed reindeer Between your first week, When it ranked fifth in the top ten with 10.4 million hours and 2.6 million viewsAnd the second When it rose to first place with 52.8 million hours and 13.3 million From copies.

Although the algorithm clearly recommends popular titles or titles we might like,… The platform should not leave aside the power of fans and social networks either. It is possible that the streaming service will show us series, but watch Interactions from others, Views, explore Which depends on Real facts Which is what It makes us press play And give it a chance.

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Series dark is another great example of this. The German series appeared from time to time in recommendations, but many became fans of it last season, after it went viral and they discovered that it is about much more than just kidnappings and disappearances, but about time travel and destiny.

While in Our other side Body problem 3, Which despite being heavily promoted and recommended to everyone, left behind My Stuffed Reindeer in views with 46.6 million. How do you choose series and movies? By algorithm or by people?

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