Who spends more and less time in front of the TV?

Despite the arrival of digital content, television still holds an important place in education, information, entertainment and influencing decisions and opinions in the contemporary world.

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According to aggregate survey data Consumer Insights StatistaWatching TV remains a popular activity all over the planet. For example, viewers were surveyed from Mexico And Brazil Shows moderate consumption of this service – open, cable or satellite – with 61% and 56% of study participants, respectively, spending 10 hours or less weekly in front of their television sets.

in Italy And Spain82% say they watch TV, but in terms of consumption intensity, kingdom united It stands out with 32% of people devoting at least one effort 11 hours A week after this procedure

Where are there fewer TVs?

next to, China It has the highest percentage of people who They don’t have a TV in their homes.By 28% of those interviewed. Among the selected countries Japan and the United States They have relatively high averages (22% and 19%, comparatively) of homes without televisions. to me Latin America, Brazil and Mexico They have an average of 11% and 8% respectively.


World Television Day – November 21 – was established in 1996 by the United Nations General Assembly to commemorate the importance of television as a means of communication for education, information and entertainment and for influencing the decisions and opinions of the contemporary world.

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