Who is Valentina Zenir, the actress who chose the role of Naher Galarza in a movie about her life

On the left is Nahir Galaza. On the right, Valentina Zenner

A case was recently announced Naher Galarza Hitting Theaters: The Producer Bamba movies She plans to make a film about the story of the young woman who was sentenced to life in prison for killing her boyfriend with two bullets Fernando Pastorizoin the early morning of December 30, 2017. She will be the actress chosen to play her Valentina Zennerwho was called because of her physical likeness and has been living in Spain for several years, where she has triumphed as an actress, model, influencer and recently launched as a singer.

Born on January 15, 1997 in Buenos Aires, Valentina began studying theater at the age of six, and made her acting debut at the age of 13. Almost angels on hand Chris Morena. It was last season and there he played Ayedaughter of Al Yasmine (Eugenia China Suarez) and Tacho (Nicolas Riera). Later, he continued to work in the production company’s quarry and was part of the secondary cast alliesstarring Oriana Sabatini and Peter LanzaniAnd After own participation in the only onesby Polka for El Trece.

He was also part of the cast I’m moona successful series of Disney She is recognized all over the world, which allowed her to gain even greater popularity thanks to her role as a villain Amber Smith. Her various jobs as a model made international brands look for her to be the face of their products. And this is how it came to the eyes of the producers of foreign series. Called to be part of Cable Girls -from Netflix-, thanks to which he built his international career.

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in 2016, Valentina Zenner He was one of the Argentine personalities who added the most followers to his Instagram account: he reached the 6th place among the 10 most grown personalities on the social network. Currently, she has nearly 11.5 million followers, with whom she shares daily the different jobs she does as a model, advertising campaigns, pictures with her friends, family, boyfriend, and her life in Spain, where she has been living for a while. the time. So are her roles as an actress, a career that has been on the rise for several years now. In addition, he launched himself as a singer: his single Help yourself Available to listen on all platforms.

In 2020, when she was living in Spain, Valentina entered into a relationship with Jordi Lado, a Hispanic guy she met through mutual friends. He is also friends with Pepe Barroso Silva, Tini Stoessel’s ex-boyfriend. In that country, while continuing to work as a model and actress, she auditioned for the character of Rebecca V elite, the role retained by the Spanish Claudia Salas. And in the fifth season, which was filmed in 2021, Valentina was chosen to play Isadora, a millionaire DJ with a life full of excesses. For example, in the next season the Argentine actor also joined Leonardo Spragliawho will play his father in the fantasy.

Valentina Zenier with her boyfriend, Spanish actor Jordi Lado
Valentina Zenere in Isadora leather, in Elite

When she began to dream about her job, Valentina dreamed of getting there Hollywood. Today, at the age of 26, he has an extensive curriculum with international projects that, why not, could open doors for him to get to big productions in the US. At the moment, her next project is to play the role of Nahir Galarza in the film that will tell the case of the young woman who killed her boyfriend and which has already been imagined on other occasions.

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This January, they released the trailer for Nahir, angel or demon, Series containing 12 chapters and will be produced by Zeppelin Studio. Meanwhile, the production company Kapow (which produced Carmel, the horror rat show) docureality bracing of three rings. And a Mexican product TBS (Mexico), which produced the Maradona series, plans to launch a mini-series about the case as well.

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