Who is Greta Gerwig, the director of “Barbie”?

Since its theatrical release, Barbie It was a phenomenon that established itself as the highest-grossing film in theaters around the world, managing to reach record numbers of viewers and a global economic group already exceeding $1,202.5 million. These figures are also a milestone for women’s cinema, leading the film’s director, Greta Gerwig, to become the first female filmmaker to pass $1 billion in revenue for a single-directed film.

As it was published New York timesGreta Gerwig became the first of 28 female directors in Hollywood history to overcome the economic group barrier with a film, a feat that other successful directors, such as Patty Jenkins, have come close to. Wonder Womanwhich collected more than $822.8 million after its premiere in 2017, or Englishwoman Phyllida Lloyd which reached $694.4 million with her musical comedy. Mama Mia!, how to collect Box Office Mojoa specialized site that aggregates box office receipts from films.

At Newtral.es we tell you who Greta Gerwig is and what her career was like until she became a feminist icon and directed the movie of the year.

Who is Greta Gerwig?

Greta Celeste Gerwig was born in 1983 in Sacramento, the capital city of California, United States. As stated in the CV he developed Encycopledia BritannicaAnd Although Gerwig was interested in the world of theater and acting from a young age, she decided to study English at New York’s Barnard College for Women. In his student years, he acted and wrote several plays and tried unsuccessfully to obtain a master’s degree in playwriting.

Meanwhile, Greta Gerwig launched her acting career in 2006 with a supporting role in The very funnySubgenre movie mumblecore Directed by American producer Joe Swanberg.

This film debut prompted the young woman to take roles in films of this genre, according to the biographical media. Personal Biographyhow Baghead (2008) and yeast (2008). In those early years he also co-wrote and starred in movies Hana runs up the stairs (2007) and nights and weekends (2008).

But the real beginning of her success as an actress didn’t come until 2010, when director and screenwriter Noah Baumbach cast her in a major role in greenberg, Romantic comedy starring Ben Stiller.

  • Greenberg It was Gerwig’s first collaboration with Baumbach, who have been a couple since 2011 and have two children together, according to Personal Biography.

In the years that followed, Gerwig became more well known and began appearing in and starring in more mainstream films, such as girls in distress And To Rome with lovewere released in 2012, and he has starred in other feature films with Baumbach, including Mrs. America, Released in 2015.

These contributions to the world of cinema made Greta Gerwig decide to start a new path in directing films on her own.

Her career as a film director

Greta Gerwig’s career as a feminist-focused filmmaker kicked off in 2017 with the premiere of her autobiography Lady Bird.

Lady Bird (2017)

This dramatic comedy shows a year in the life of a high school student in Sacramento. The young woman calls herself Lady Bird and tries to find her place in the world, in what could be Semi-autobiographical by Greta Gerwig. The film’s plot largely centers on the loving relationship between a young teenager and her mother.

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The film won the Golden Globe 2018 for Best Film in the Musical/Comedy Genre, Before Getting It Five Academy Award nominationsincluding Best Director, with which Greta Gerwig becomes the fifth woman in Hollywood history to be chosen in the category, according to BBC.

Little women (2019)

After the success achieved with Lady Bird Gerwig is preparing her second venture as a filmmaker in a feminist adaptation of the classic Little women Louisa May Alcott, which was released in 2019.

This film, in which Gerwig received a higher budget than his previous project, according to the BBC, featured famous actresses and actresses, such as Emma Watson, Timothee Chalamet and Meryl Streep.

Little women I got in 2020 Oscar for Best Costume Design and was nominated in five other categories of these awards, such as Best Picture or Best Adapted Screenplay.

Barbie (2023)

It was Greta Gerwig’s latest project with which she reached new records Barbie. As we explained to you in Newtral.es, the comedy starring the most famous doll has a plot based on feminism and the stereotypes that surround women from then and now. In addition, the movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling offers many true stories and relevant details.


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