Who are Saúl Craviotto, Carlos Arévalo, Marcus Walz and Rodrigo Germade, Silver K-4

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Spain He had between the eyebrows test K-4500 Kayaking because it was one of the specialties of the house. The Queen’s Test for this sport which has always given many good results for the Spanish team and which has been synonymous with medals in recent times. So the real goal more than being on the podium was gold.

The contender was also clear, the German quartet, currently dominating the world panorama, and this time, they did not fail. The fight was fierce until the last metres, but in the end the German boat ended with a two-tenth in front of the Spanish team, which had to celebrate the silver, despite some resignation. But who are they? Saul CraviottoAnd Carlos ArevaloAnd Marcus Cooper Falls NS Rodrigo Germadand silver medals for Spain In the K-4500 test?

Saul Craviotto

The most common name for them all is undoubtedly Saúl Craviotto. The history of Spanish sport and world rowing, has in the past decade become an institution in the sport. A policeman by profession and a canio rider by profession, he even had the honor of being the flag bearer of Spain in some Olympic Games, in these like Specifically, where he was reviewing the seizure of the national flag with Mireya Belmonte.

Saúl Craviotto, Marcus Cooper Walz, Carlos Arévalo and Rodrigo Germade with the Spain flag after winning the silver medal at Tokyo 2020


Craviotto, who also competed in the K-1 200, in addition to the K-4500 where he managed to reach the final and add an Olympic diploma with his seventh place, can already boast of being the Spanish athlete with the most Olympic medals after this morning’s equalization for David Cal. went in Beijingand silver in LondonAnd gold and bronze in Rio de Janeiro This is a silver medal from Tokyo between individual and team events. In addition, she has 10 world medals, 3 of which are gold, six European medals, and three continental titles. As if that wasn’t enough, he got a medal Royal Medal of Merit for Sports and Don Felipe de Bourbon National Sports Award general athlete.

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Marcus Cooper Falls

The other member among the three members of the glorious K-4 500 that has given so much delight to the most popular Spanish sport is Marcus Cooper Walz, a native of OxfordAnd United kingdom, but she grew up in Mallorca From a British father and a German mother. In fact, despite the fact that the rest of the team live in it Asturias, has moved to Balearic Islands With his family.

Walz is a double Olympic medalist after winning gold in Rio de Janeiro in the K-1 1000 event and the gold he combined with his teammates in Tokyo. In addition, he has six medals in World Championships With a gold medal in 2017 and three medals in European ChampionshipsTwo gold and a silver.

Rodrigo Germad

Rodrigo Germaid is the third player on the team in the range of experience. At 30, Galician from Cangas de Morazo Adds one Olympic medal, the silver she won at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, since then in Olympic Games in Rio de JaneiroHis first Olympic participation came in fifth place with the K-4 1000 team he competed with Íñigo penaAnd Javier Hernans NS Oscar Carrera.

Saúl Craviotto, at the front of Spain's K4 game at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Saúl Craviotto, at the front of Spain’s K4 game at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


Rodrygo has had impressive results at the World Championships since 2017, winning one gold and three silvers. In addition, he accompanies these great successes with a European bronze, silver and gold medal to form an extensive roster of honors in his 30s, with hopes of winning an Olympic gold in the next round of Paris 2024.

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Carlos Arevalo

Finally, the Hungarian Spanish Boat Team in Tokyo was completed by military Carlos Arevalo, the least experienced of the four despite being 27 years old, more so than Marcus Cooper Walz. one of betanzos He played his first Olympics in the Japanese event, although many already see him as a generational alternative to Saúl Craviotto. His great successes at the competition level are a bronze in the U-23 category at the World Championships and a silver medal with the K-4500 team at the 2019 World Cup which was held in prostrateAnd Hungary. These two metals are bonded to silver obtained in Tokyo.

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