Where is the end of this new series?

It’s official: the series Arcane de League of Legends It is a complete success. According to data collected in recent days, Arcane has been very well received in both Spain and the rest of the world. the gate FlexPatrol We shared some numbers The series has been ranked as the most popular Netflix series in over 30 countries, surpassing even The Squid Game.

Arcane premiered at dawn on November 7 (the night of 6 to 7) on Netflix with Act 1, which includes episodes 1, 2, and 3. Already in its premiere. It has reached #1 in popularity on the worldwide streaming platform. This is because Arcane has positioned itself as the most watched and popular series on the platform in 38 countries around the world, though there are countries like the US, UK and South Korea that are ranked 6, 8 and 3, respectively.

We can’t forget that Arcane also premiered on Twitch (episode one), where it arrived A peak of more than 1.8 million viewers distributed on more than 4000 channels.

Nationally, Arcane has failed to put himself in the lead…at least for the time being. As we write this news is No. 3 of the most watched and popular series on Netflix, although this may come back at any time due to the fact that there are still many episodes to be released.

  • Law 1 (Episodes 1 x 01, 1 x 02, 1 x 03): Sunday, November 7 at 3:00 a.m. (PST).
  • Law 2 (Episodes 1 x 04, 1 x 05, 1 x 06): Sunday, November 13 at 9:00 a.m. (PST).
  • Law 3 (Episodes 1 x 07, 1 x 08, 1 x 09): Sunday 20 November 9:00 AM (PST).
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In terms of criticism, Arcane is almost perfect: it has 100% positive reviews. rotten tomatoes, 9.4/10 inch IMDb With more than 11,000 votes we finally got our recommendation, as we indicated in Our first impressions.

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