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Among the issues of interest to society such as the case of climate crisisthere is also a file the end of the worldin which a group of scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) provided an answer on the date when life on planet Earth could end.

After analyzing the file climate changethe specialists used data from the Gaia star-mapping mission to analyze the process of the end of solar activity, which is Worker pioneer Why could our planet disappear.

Scientists determined that this star will begin to reach a maximum temperature in about 8 billion years, then cool down and increase in size, becoming a red giant star and finally a white dwarf. Within this process, the Earth will disappear.

When will the world end?

European Space Agency experts estimate that the sun will reach it Max temperature About 10 to 11 billion years old. At this point, the heat on Earth will be intense, and accordingly, the conditions for life on our planet are exhausted.

In addition, the researchers say that once the Sun becomes a massive star, it “swallows” Mercury, Venus and Earth.

But you don’t have to worry yet, because for now, The Sun is 4.67 billion years old. He is in your main sequence stage, where the nucleus converts hydrogen into helium and thus generates energy expressed in the form of brightness and heat; However, it will become a giant red star when it is between them 10 billion and 11 billion yearsthus accessing end of his life.

our sun It is currently in the middle of its comfortable life, fusing hydrogen into helium and is generally stable; So serious. This will not always be the case. When the hydrogen in its core runs out and changes in the fusion process begin, we would expect it to swell into a red giant star, lowering its surface temperature in the process. “

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