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Some users have chosen not to accept the terms They follow the app on their cell phones and others, even though they received the message agreeing to it or not, but they let it pass And they still haven’t taken any action on it.

In the New Policies 2021 from The WhatsApp Explain that Your data will not be read by the application or by third parties, and they state that they cannot access the contacts or photos uploaded to countries.

However, The point of controversy is in the things that will link to Facebook section. In one of them, he states that he will use certain user information, such as a cell phone number, to improve his advertising system.

for this reason, There has been a big move to new alternative apps like Telegram and Signal. During January Telegram had 75 million new users in just 72 hours.

Well, before all this panorama, doubts persist about what will happen to users who continue to use the app on their cell phones and still don’t accept or definitely reject the policies.

At the same time, The company decided to move the update date so that users understand the changes and that will be in May. This means if the device still has the app, it will continue with its normal functions.

“No account will be suspended or deleted on February 8th. Additionally, we will take a number of steps to clear out misinformation about how privacy and security work on WhatsApp. Then we will gradually ask users to review the policy at their own pace before enabling new business options on May 15th.” . “The company mentioned in an official statement posted on its page.

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s He concluded by saying that it was exactly that The WhatsApp Who helped provide end-to-end encryption to its users in all latitudes of the world and this is precisely the reason for their commitment to defend this technology.Elcomercio.com was reported by Ecuadorian media.

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