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It’s still one of the apps most people talk to. With it, you can not only have fun through text messages, but you can also use stickers, emojis and even share or create the most famous animated stickers.

But there are many who like to use it . The August 2022 APK brings a series of new features; However, many encountered problems because the app is in English. How can I change it to Spanish? Here we give you all the steps.

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How to change WhatsApp Plus to Spanish

  • The first thing will be to open WhatsApp Plus.
  • There we go to the settings menu.
  • In this section you will see WhatsAppPlus settings.
  • Click there and you will find the Global tab.
To be able to configure WhatsApp Plus in Spanish, you have to go to the settings of the same APK. (Photo: Mag – Rommel Yupanke)
  • Now go to settings.
  • In this section you will see an option that says “Application language”.
  • Choose in Spanish and restart WhatsApp.
  • With this, it will be resolved and you will be able to enjoy WhatsApp Plus in Spanish and fully update it to the August 2022 version.

How do I know if someone else is viewing my WhatsApp

  • What you should know is that WhatsApp can be opened on up to 4 different devices.
  • To do this, it is necessary to scan the QR code to access the conversations.
  • Many times we forget to close our conversations on our work computer or laptop.
  • As a result, not only can anyone see your chats, but they can also perform activities you don’t want on WhatsApp.
  • To do this, go to WhatsApp and tap on the three dots in the top corner.
  • Now go to “Linked Devices”.
  • At that moment, you will see all the terminals or computers where you have opened WhatsApp.
  • If you do not remember them, it is better to delete them all so that your conversations are closed from all these aspects.
  • This way you will have more protection for your WhatsApp.
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How to turn off WhatsApp without having to disconnect from the Internet

  • The first thing you need to do is to go to your cell phone settings.
  • There go to the “Applications” tab.
  • At that moment, you should be looking for the WhatsApp application.
  • In this section you will see two buttons: “Uninstall” and “Force Close”.
  • second hit.

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