WhatsApp: How to Hide a Conversation on iOS and Android

WhatsApp has a variety of actions to interact with. (Photo: EFE)

Day by day innovation and technology help make people’s lives easier, an example is the diversity of things that can be done when using the app The WhatsApp. In this sense, we will give another sample of the functionality in the messaging application.

This is the procedure to hide conversations. In this way, users of one of the most popular applications around the world will be able to express greater peace of mind by hiding a contact’s messages, for greater privacy, if they so desire.

The mechanism can be achieved for both iOS is like Android. In this sense, the interested party will have to follow some simple steps which are:

The process of hiding conversations is similar in iOS and Android.  (Photo: EFE)
The process of hiding conversations is similar in iOS and Android. (Photo: EFE)

How to hide the conversation on Android?

* The first step is to enter the conversation area.

* Choose the person you want to hide the dialogue from.

* Once you are in the Chats section, tap and hold on the name of the said contact.

* In the upper right, next to the three dots, a down arrow will appear inside a box where you have to click on it.

* The person’s name will be instantly hidden.

If you want to select your contact again and bring up the conversation, you will just have to search using the magnifying glass for their name and select “Deactivate Chat”.

How is the conversation hidden in iOS?

* The chat area will also be searched.

* Then we put ourselves where you want to hide and without entering, you will have to slide to the left.

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* Later, the “Archive” option should appear.

The app has more than two million users.  (Photo: Pixabay)
The app has more than two million users. (Photo: Pixabay)

In this case, to go back to the chat, you can scroll down and tap Deactivate.

The application has a variety of actions to interact and facilitate navigation with some tools. For example, how call record from the app? It’s about doing some steps in a practical and simple way, whether for iOS or Android and without the other person knowing.

In addition, multiple WhatsApp tools are provided to users every day, to learn more about messages or facilitate the process, as well as to clarify some doubts, such as how long They left you in plain sight?

With simple steps, a person will know the moment when a friend, neighbor, relative, partner, among others, read your message.

The main thing is that the other person you’re texting should have the read confirmation option enabled, i.e. blue painted popcorn when they read the message.

It is important to clarify that if the other person has the Read Receipts option disabled, the message viewing time will not appear, but the last connection time.

It must be remembered that the popular application has more than two million users who interact daily through this network.

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