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Most of the users have posted a status in some time. , those texts, images or videos of a maximum length of 30 seconds that are 24 hours in length, unless you have previously deleted them; Likewise, the aforementioned messaging platform lets you know the exact time your contacts viewed your stories, but what it can’t show you is how many times someone has viewed them in a day, something we’ll teach you below with a simple trick.

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It is important to clarify that this trick is not available in Official, the original mobile version, but in a Meta-like external app called Whatsapp plusHowever, you have to be very careful when downloading it, as your account can be permanently banned because it is not “Unauthorized application‘, according to Mark Zuckerberg’s private company.

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WhatsApp Plus has functions that the official app itself does not have, such as: customizing read confirmation, more number of emojis, notifications of people online, choosing the time of the last connection, etc., are among these functions as well. See how often a contact can see your statuses. Before showing you the steps, you will learn how to download the app.

Where to get WhatsApp PLUS 19.30.1

How do I know the times a contact has seen my country

  • Once the plus version is installed, open the app and register your phone number as in The WhatsApp official.
  • Then it’s about posting the status and going to ‘Status’ > ‘My Status’ tab.
  • Here, tap on the eye icon at the bottom to see all the contacts who viewed your Stories.
  • Finally, click the radio button that appears next to each person to see how many times they have opened your status.
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How to add someone on WhatsApp without asking for their number

  • Opens The WhatsApp.
  • Click on the three vertical dots icon to enter Settings.
  • In this section you will see your name and information and next to it click on the small QR code.
  • The code will open and the person who wants to add will only have to do the same step, but go to the tab “Scan code”
  • After scanning the code, the conversation will open so they can start chatting or sending each other messages.

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