WhatsApp group names will change automatically: that’s the Zuckerberg ad

Group names will be changed according to members. (Facebook)

WhatsApp Unveiled a new feature that promises to change the way we interact in groups. The application revolutionizes the dynamics of groups by allowing you to create them without having to assign them a specific name.

Mark ZuckerbergChief Executive Officer GoalHe was responsible for spreading the news through his Facebook page and his official Instagram account.

Simplifies starting groups WhatsApp Name them according to who’s in the chat when you don’t feel like thinking of another name,” were the manager’s words.

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The feature allows users Create groups without giving it a specific name at the time of its creation. This eliminates the need to think of a suitable title for this group chat or to choose a generic one that can be duplicated in the chat list. Instead, groups will be identified by the names of the members.

Although these chats in WhatsApp It was an important communication tool for many, and there was often the dilemma of choosing an appropriate name. This new feature not only simplifies the creation process, but also offers a different solution to the naming dilemma.

Group names will be changed according to members. (unsplash)

Although this tool comes with some limitations. Unlike traditional groups, which can hold up to 1,024 participants, nameless groups are limited to a maximum of six people. The idea behind this limitation is to keep these spaces smaller and more intimate, reserved for close conversations or specific events.

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The magic behind this feature is that it can adapt dynamically when users are added or removed from the group. This way, the name changes based on existing members, creating a unique experience for each participant.

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How each member saves contacts to their phone will determine how the group name is displayed. Which adds more personalization to the chat.

To ensure users’ privacy and convenience, if a member joins an anonymous group and does not have contacts saved on their device, their phone number will be displayed instead of their name. This prevents accidental disclosure of identity. Although the idea of ​​this feature is to reserve these spaces for friends and family who already know each other.

This new functionality will start rolling out in the coming weeks and will be gradual as with the rest of the news, so it is important to keep the app updated to enjoy the tool.

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Group names will be changed according to members. (unsplash)

WhatsApp wants to take advantage of artificial intelligence To enhance the creation of posters on the platform and provide its users with a tool to customize their experience and enhance their creativity.

The tool, which is under development, will ask for a description with words that express certain emotions and alongside that text explaining what the image should look like, specifying the expected design.

With this information, the AI ​​will create the label using Meta’s algorithms, and the details of the technology it will use still need to be known.

The feature will appear under the sticker panel in the app, located on the keyboard. When you select this tab, a message appears indicating that it is possible to create a custom image and inviting you to click a button to start the process.

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