What will happen when you try to save a profile picture

WhatsApp It just received a new update that focuses on improving user privacy beyond conversations. Specifically the Messenger It will prevent screenshots from being taken From personal photos of other users of the messaging platform.

Although the company has not yet officially announced this new version, the specialized website WABetainfo was responsible for announcing this news. In fact, they've verified this in the latest beta version of WhatsApp, which only a small group of testers have access to.

So far WhatsApp It did not provide any kind of restrictions When taking screenshots, not for conversations, nor anywhere else in the app.

That changed with the arrival of WhatsApp beta, the latest version distributed via the Google Play Store. As they discovered, you can no longer take screenshots of other members' profile photos.

WhatsApp will limit taking a contact's profile picture.

When trying to capture the screen on a user's profile photo page, a notification appears at the bottom of the screen stating that “Screen capture cannot be performed due to application limitations.”

In other cases, although it can be taken, the photo does not show the user's profile picture, but rather a completely black background.

Unfortunately, taking screenshots to share with others is a hassle A very common practicewhich can put the privacy of those users who do not want to share their profile pictures at risk.

Not long ago, WhatsApp explored the option Set two different profile pictures To avoid these types of problems, however, blocking screenshots would undoubtedly be a more effective method.

WhatsApp: Changes in texts

WhatsApp offers more improvements in text editing.

While waiting for screenshots to be blocked, Mark Zuckerberg announced new ways to tweak the format of WhatsApp messages. In total, four new options have been added to the bold, italic, medium, and monospace options available to users.

The improvements that will be available in individual and group chats will help with the beginning Save time and communicate more effectively Through messages.

The update will include Bullet lists To describe the steps of a process, list ingredients in a recipe, or highlight the main points of a message. To use it you must type the symbol (-) followed by a space.

Numbered lists To indicate a particular order of things, such as instructions or a summary of events. All you have to do is type a number (1.) or (2.) followed by a period and a space.

block quote To help the main text stand out and be more legible in messages. To use it: Enter the symbol (>) followed by a space.

It may also be included Online code For the first time in messages. A feature commonly used by developers who need to share code snippets or commands. To use it, you just have to place the symbol (`) next to the text.

Bold, italics, and even crossing out words can now be used in WhatsApp.

The new formatting options are also available for all Android, iOS, web and Mac users. Channel admins will also be able to use these options.

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