What will happen to WWE RAW before it hits Netflix? – Superhero battles

In January 2025, WWE RAW will move to Netflix, but the show will no longer air on USA Network starting in October 2024.

In January 2025, raw wrestling will move to NetflixBut the show will stop airing on USA Network starting October 2024. What will happen between them? Andrew Schleimer, CFO TKOThey announced at the company's financial conference that they would find a home for her.

► “WWE RAW will have a home at the end of 2024”

«We also intend to renew our license or find an alternative provider to stream Raw in the United States for a period of 90 days, from October 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024, before it transitions to Netflix as described later.. Together, these local licenses represent a very significant portion of our media segment's revenues and profitability. “No assurances can be given as to the outcome of these negotiations, and if we are unable to renew existing agreements or find alternative transportation or distribution partners, our operating results could be adversely affected.”

«We believe that Raw will air in the fourth quarter. We don't have more information. “We feel very positive about it.”

Mark Shapiro, President of TKO, went on to say that They will choose the best brand platform.

In another order, but within the same financial conference, we read the following from: Deposit 10 thousand:

“We believe TKO is well positioned to capitalize on secular tailwinds in both sports and media and entertainment. Live sports and sports entertainment remain important for both traditional linear platform providers as well as streaming services and new technology entrants. As a result, The value of media rights to unique assets, such as the UFC and WWE, has steadily increased. We expect growth in media rights content agreements with contract renewals to materialize in the coming yearsreflecting the increasing value of our premium content to linear and broadcast channels, as well as the general trend of premium live entertainment and sports content rights increasing in value across renewal cycles.

We believe we can create more content in different formats to attract and engage new and existing fans., creating licensing fees from distribution partners and increasing adoption of our direct-to-consumer offerings, UFC FIGHT PASS and WWE Network. TKO brings economic benefits to cities that host WWE and UFC events, which we believe will drive location fee growth as jurisdictions compete to bring premium events to their markets. For example, WrestleMania in April 2023 generated $215 million in economic impact in the Los Angeles area, UFC 290 International Fight Week in Las Vegas generated more than $99 million in economic impact in July 2023, and UFC 284 in Perth, Australia , more than $99 million in economic impact. $29 million in February 2023.

“We believe we can increase revenue from live events by increasing ticket sales, expanding premium VIP offerings to generate higher revenue per event, and using our intellectual property to monetize events. Live, original, compelling content is at the core of TKO, increasing brand strength and fan engagement .

“Through our partnership with Endeavor's On Location, with premium live event experiences, We plan to bring sports and lifestyle events closer to consumers. Events such as the UFC's young and diverse fan base in major cities and countries around the world.

“We have successfully held UFC events in more than 150 cities globally, most recently in 2023, filling arenas in Abu Dhabi, London, Perth and Paris. 2023 has also been a successful year for WWE on the international level. We have produced 23 international events for WWE, including Money in the Bank in London, the WWE Superstar Spectacle in India, and two events produced through our partnership with the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia.

“In addition, live events have the potential to generate significant economic output for host cities through job creation, wages, salaries, taxes and other economic activities. Thus, with the growing popularity of TKO live events, We expect to have a greater ability to secure site fees from local governments or tourism organizations in certain jurisdictions.“.

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