What to see on CCC Go, Mubi, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Netflix and Paramount +


Emily Rose’s Exorcism (Space, 5:25 PM)

The Catholic Church made the extraordinary decision to officially recognize a demonic monarchy of a 19-year-old American student. Emily Rose leaves her safe country house to go to university. One night, alone in her bedroom, she suffers from the first terrifying hallucinations and loses consciousness. As these experiences become more frequent and intense, the devout Catholic young woman decides to seek refuge in a priest and undergo the exorcism that is costing her life.

“El show de Graham Norton” (Films & Arts, 21 hs)

The biggest names in the show world come to Graham Norton’s sofa on this comedic talk show. Each show starts with the host creating his trademark monologue, based on years of standing experience. When celebrities from Hollywood and the UK take their place in an armchair, they know that the unexpected will come and that they will have to play as the animator suggests.

“Notifier” (Cine.ar Play, 8:00 pm)

Eloy (Ignacio Toselli) is responsible for notifying the judiciary. It is dedicated to distributing papers informing affected people of the status of the case. It distributes about 100 notices daily; Every day, he connects with 100 stories and 100 lives. Far from the promising young man he used to be, today he is just another public servant, reclusive, depressed and insensitive. So that the chain of events guides him to the bottom of the city and at the same time to the depths of his life.


‘The server’

Tony (James Fox), a wealthy Londoner, hires Hugo Barrett (Dirk Bogard) as his servant. At first, Barrett seems to take on his new job easily, he and Tony form a quiet bond, and both maintain their social status. However, the link begins to change. The classic film, directed by Joseph Lucy, was released in 1965. Since then, he has worked as a subject for psychoanalysts.

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Amazon Prime

‘Hell is on the border’

Bas Reeves was the first black commissioner of the United States west of the Mississippi River. He primarily worked in Arkansas and the Oklahoma Territory. During his career, he credited the arrest of more than 3,000 criminals, as well as the shooting and killing of 14 outlaws in self-defense. It is a story based on real events. The work of Ron Perlman and Frank Grillo.

Disney +

“Mukhtar of Glory”

Based on the best-selling book by Tom Wolf, the startling story follows the early days of the United States space program, when newly formed NASA was in the middle of the Cold War with the Soviet Union selecting seven of the US Army’s best test pilots to become astronauts. In the competition to be the first nation to conquer space, these extraordinary men will fulfill and inspire the world to aspire to a new height of ambition and hope.


Fórmula 1: Driving for Survival

It is a Netflix documentary series. It deals with the 2020 season of Formula 1, affected by the epidemic and its abbreviation. Hamilton, Verstappen, and the other drivers have only one goal: get to the checkered flag first. The series will be more action-packed than ever, with violent clashes, fierce rivalries, unexpected podiums and the stunning seventh world title for the British driver.

Paramount +

“Good bird”

Ethan Hawke plays abolitionist John Brown in this short series based on the National Book Award-winning novel. The story is told from the perspective of Onion, a young slave who became a member of the heterogeneous Brown family, who fights slavery in Kansas.

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