What time does The Bayonne Snow Society premiere on Netflix?

Madrid, January 3 (Cultural Entertainment) –

Snow Association, JA Bayona's new movie (The Impossible, Orphanage), It will arrive on Netflix on Thursday, January 4, following its theatrical release on December 15. Since the conclusion of the eightieth edition of Venice International Film FestivalThe film has received numerous awards and nominations, and is also one of the finalists competing for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards. but… What time does The Snow Society premiere on Netflix?

Baiyun movie He has 13 nominations for the 2024 Goya Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best New Actor for Matthias Reckalt, among others. Fiction was also awarded a prize Audience Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival And It was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Picture. Non english speaking

The film is based on the tragic true story of the survivors of a plane crash in the Andes It will arrive on Netflix at 9:00 AM on Thursday, January 4 in Spain, 8:00 pm in the Canary Islands. However, in other Spanish-speaking countries, Snow Association It will be available on the platform at different times depending on the region.

So, Residents of Mexico will be able to watch the Oscar-winning drama starting at 2 a.m, according to the time zone of the central region. Also at 02:00 spectators El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala or Nicaragua will have the heartbreaking film available Starring Recalt, Enzo Vujrencic, Agustín Bardella, Esteban Bigliardi and others.

At 3 a.m., Bayona's latest film will be shown on stage for the resident audience Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and the eastern part of the United States. For viewers in Venezuela, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico, The Snow Society can be watched on Netflix from 4:00 a.m.

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For their part, those who reside in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil (Brasilia and São Paulo time) They will be able to attend a battle for survival based on real events starting at five in the morning. At midnight, Bayona will be released on Netflix Western part of the United States.

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